Hot glue gun makeup? Yes, please

Innovation is the mother of invention and in beauty, there are possibly no limits to what one can do. In social media’s latest trend, makeup artists and enthusiasts are borrowing a much beloved tool from the world of crafting and creating futuristic beauty looks using hot glue gun to jump on the hot glue gun makeup trend. 

Beauty creators are using hot glue to create various makeup in the form of eye liners, lip liners, beauty marks and general face art. The resurgence of the trend came to be when beauty creator Vanessa (@cutcreaser) posted a graphic 3D liner metallic look that amassed over 7.6 million views on Instagram. A week after the first video went viral, she posted another liner look with duo-chrome pigments that had an even wider reach with over 12 million views.

Since Vanessa’s posts went viral, #hotgluemakeup has steadily risen to more than 17 million views on TikTok and users have been hopping on the trend, showing off their creativity on the resurged trend.  In most of the videos, users opt for a small glue gun, a makeup plate, a palette/pigment of choice and lash glue for post-hold.

If this is a trend you’d love to tap into, it’s important to note that the hot glue gun is NOT applied directly to the face for obvious reasons: injury and skin damage.

Instead, it is applied to the makeup plate then lifted onto the face after it has been left to cool down. You can as well call it the “cold glue” makeup trend as there’s nothing hot about the application, however, we advise that you do your research and take precautions to avoid any accidents. 

The exciting thing about this hot glue gun makeup trend is that, just like most beauty trends, it is timeless and recycled.  This one particularly rides on the wave of gen-z’s fascination with metallics and 3D elements. It also presents an easy, experimental and wearable editorial-like look which can be used for different occasions. It is malleable and can very well work with any art direction you wish to take. 

Do you see yourself jumping on the hot glue makeup trend soon? 


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