Denim maxi skirts are back and we couldn’t be happier

In 2021, Miuccia Prada brought the micro-mini skirt back into the public consciousness with her daring take on the trend. Before long, we were seeing micro-minis on everyone, especially among the Gen-z fashionistas who saw it as a way to express their growing interest in fashion from the 90’s. But not everyone is as enthusiastic about mini skirts as Ayra Starr. For some women, the vibe is skirts that sweep the earth in denim styles. 

Let’s go back to where it all began

The history of the midi and maxi skirts as we know it today is embedded in the 1960s fashion scene of the Mod subculture and hippie movement in London and the United States respectively. At that time, skirt styles had moved from being bell, draped and stuffed to more relaxed with light weight fabric like, chiffon, broadcloth and cotton to match the youthfulness of the era. The decade progressed and as denim went from workwear to fashionable, we began to see these silhouettes interpreted in denim.

Denim skirts were introduced around the 1970’s as a creative, resourceful and sustainable alternative to denim trousers which were all the rage. Based on the length of skirts of the era it was introduced in, it initially took on that same style – midi and maxi. 

The style quickly became mainstream and would go on to rise and fall with each decade. In the late 90s leading up to the early 2000s, the style was brought to life again by female celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez etc. who would rock the look to red carpet events and shows. 

These skirt styles are seeing a renaissance as a new generation of fashion lovers reference the nostalgic Y2K fashion.

Everyone loves a good comeback 

The thirst for maxi skirts are back and the internet has a way of reminding us that everything is indeed a remix. In the last three months, searches for maxi denim skirts have soared. The new surge can be credited to content creators, supermodels and designers from the summer ’23 fashion season whose runways were flooded with maxi denim skirts.

At least 3 in 5 fashion brands presented maxi denim in their collection. Designers from Mowalola, to Victoria Beckham, to Balenciaga, to Y/project, to Coach  all showed their interpretations of the trend. We have so many options, one could easily could put together a maxi denim skirt capsule for a week from one presentation.

A gloss through the collections revealed that the new styles don’t follow the straightforward silhouettes of the denim maxi skirts of the 60’s, 70’s or even the 90’s. While those still exist among the pile, designers have sought ways to reinvent the style. 

The new styles carry an aesthetic that is edgy, futuristic and dramatic with cuts and patterns. 


Midi and Maxi Denim skirts are a must have

It’s no surprise that midi and maxi denim skirts are back on everyone’s fashion radar. Asides being trendy and timeless, they are inclusive – they look fabulous on all body proportions – and diverse – they work well with personal fashion choices i.e. modest fashion. Their inclusivity and diversity goes beyond the aforementioned, as they also fit perfectly into any occasion and can be styled with a multitude of accessories. 

Will denim maxi skirts be making an entry into your wardrobe this season?



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