We’re taking you inside ‘SISI GIRL’ by Vicnate – opulence, style, unapologetic elegance

We stepped into a world of opulence and style as we had the pleasure of attending Vicnate’s SISI GIRL collection launch at the Alara Lagos concept store on September 30th. The event unfolded in an atmosphere of understated elegance among fashion luminaries like Mrs. Reni Folawiyo, Ituen Bassey, and Ezinne Chinkata. With poetic cards by Mazzi Odu setting the tone, models graced the runway, exuding unapologetic confidence in bold silhouettes, striking metallic pieces, and statement ensembles. Get ready to be enthralled by the fusion of sophistication and daring fashion, as I experienced firsthand.

Vicnate stands as a revolutionary brand, reshaping the landscape of African occasion wear with a unique fusion of historical elegance and contemporary flair. The brilliant mind behind this innovative label is none other than Victor Anate, a prominent designer in his own right. Notably, he not only owns his eponymous fashion brand but has also collaborated with supermodel Naomi Campbell on a collection for Pretty Little Thing, a testament to his creative prowess and influence in the industry.

The show kicked off with a breathtaking pearled white dress, and the model made an unforgettable statement, confidently strutting down the runway with a cigarette in hand. The sensory-rich, pulsating jazz music curated by the renowned producer LeriQ further intensified the electric atmosphere, creating a truly immersive experience.

Mrs. Reni Folawiyo, the founder of Alara Lagos and the gracious event host, praised Victor Anate’s unique fashion perspective. She lauded his subtle use of colour and innovative structural designs, which she described as a refreshing departure from the conventional trends in Nigeria. Mrs. Folawiyo expressed her admiration, saying, “I’m a big fan of his ability to go against the grain and do it exceptionally well. He has undeniably introduced a new language to the Nigerian fashion scene.”

The Vicnate SISI GIRL collection draws its inspiration from confident, self-assured women. 

Designer Victor Anate explained that his muse for the collection was women who exude elegance effortlessly. He highlighted an iconic image of Rihanna in couture attire as a pivotal influence. Victor emphasised the significance of Africans embracing refinement while honouring their heritage.

Throughout the collection, velvet, a fabric close to Victor’s heart, takes centre stage. Its inherent refinement and elegance perfectly complement the collection’s silhouettes. Notably, the collection’s standout feature is the meticulously crafted hand pleats, personally fashioned by Victor. These intricate pleats adorn nearly every piece, underscoring the brand’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

This Vicnate collection also spotlights the striking inclusion of black headties, skillfully highlighting the models’ distinctive features. Victor explained that this detail has consistently conveyed confidence and elegance, particularly among his more mature clients.

He shared, “This collection holds a deeply personal significance, much like all my previous works. It’s designed for the woman who possesses unwavering self-assuredness in her identity.” Surrounded by a gathering of some of the city’s most beautiful individuals who applauded his creative journey, Victor expressed his heartfelt sentiment, saying, “I feel profoundly special, honoured, and above all, immensely grateful. This is indeed a moment of great significance.”

The ‘SISI GIRL’ collection by Vicnate doesn’t just follow trends; it defies conventions, celebrates unapologetic elegance, and redefines African fashion. Watching the mesmerising runway, I couldn’t help but envision a cinematic scene unfolding before me. The models’ graceful sways transported me to a bygone era, where they commanded the spotlight with the allure of classic movie stars. This collection amplifies the classics, infusing them with newfound power and undeniable presence. It’s fashion that demands attention and leaves a lasting impression.


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