#BringBackHandwrittenLoveLetters: Spice up your romance with perfect love letters this season

Have you ever wondered why people don’t write love letters anymore? Well, I have.

From the old ways of extensively expressing love with pen and paper, romance today has sadly been dumbed down to shorter, less expressive forms via text messaging. While we can appreciate the innovations technology has brought, some priorities on my ‘love list’ can never be replaced. And the highest-ranking priority on that list is love letters.

With words of affirmation as my favourite love language, a binding, intimate feeling comes with seeing a handwritten declaration of love, which can never be the same as getting a text.

With a written letter, you can see the effort made in every stroke, word, and sentence, reinforcing the depths of their love for you. I also firmly believe that a person’s handwriting shows who they are. It gives one a glimpse into what a person would do for the people they love. From the simple thought of initiating the action to the careful process of ensuring that the letter is flawless in its presentation, nothing else could be more romantic.

If you want to spice up your love life with the perfect love letter this season, you just need to follow these four simple steps:

Begin with Love

Start with a familiar term of endearment that they enjoy. It could be something romantic or funny. And yes, humour can be shared through text, so don’t be shy and get into it.

Get Vulnerable

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and don’t hold back. Tell them how much you love them, and give it your all. They will most likely read your letter more than once, so be as mushy as a plate of mashed potatoes.

Share Memories

Those cosy, first memories that nostalgia brings help to reaffirm the authenticity of love and tap into the familiar, passionate sentiments of the honeymoon period. Trigger nostalgia by reminding them of your shared moments and telling them how they made you feel.

End with Love

The same way you started this letter is the same way you should end it—with a heavy dose of love. Let your partner understand why they are so important to you through your words, and let your love shine through. Remember, there is no structured way to show affection, but beginning and ending with love is always the way to go.

Now that you know all the tricks to writing the perfect love letter, it’s time to grab that pen and paper and get those romantic juices flowing! You can also let us know if you’ll write a love letter this holiday!


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