Brighten up the festive season with these mood-bosting Christmas lipstick shades

Mood-boosting Christmas lipstick

Lipsticks are transformative, and the Christmas holidays offer various events that require a bit of this transformation. One thing the Marie Claire beauty team will do is show our girlies how to get their beauty game on to express their vibrancy this Christmas season. One of those ways is wearing lipstick shades that capture the glitz and joy of Christmas.  

For your beauty pleasure, we’ve handpicked our favourite lipstick hues that will showcase the festive flair at all your events this Christmas. 

Have a ruby-red Christmas

Christmas lipstick shades- Marie Claire Nigeria
M.A.C Ruby Woo Lipstick via ASOS

The classic glamour of ruby red lipstick is the best place to start. Whether you’re attending a family gathering or a holiday soiree, this shade adds a touch of sophistication and boldness to your look. It’s a go-to choice that effortlessly transitions from day to night, and will make you the belle of the occasion. 

Mistletoe mauve

Muave Christmas lipstick shade- Marie Claire NG
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick via Revlon

For a softer and more romantic vibe, consider the mistletoe mauve. This subtle yet enchanting shade brings warmth to your lips, making it perfect for a cosy evening by a burnfire or a candlelit dinner with your loved ones. The best part is its versatility with most outfit colours, so you don’t have to stress about it being out of place. Remember, “it is mauve, not pink” (if you get it, I owe you).

Sparkling nude

Christmas lipstick shades- Marie Claire Nigeria
Nude Romance Lipstick Set via Charlotte Tilbury

Matte and glossy nude lipstick shades are essential, but why not step it up this Christmas with a shimmery nude option? Ideal for casual and formal gatherings, this shade complements any outfit and makes your lips shine with understated elegance. The theme for this Christmas is glitter, shine, and everything sparkling!  

Holly berry pink

Christmas lipstick shades- Marie Claire Nigeria
M.A.C Lipstick via Pinterest

Infuse playfulness into your holiday look with a vibrant berry pink lipstick shade. It is perfect for casual gatherings with friends or a fun-filled holiday party. This lively shade adds a burst of colour to your lips and reflects the cheerful vibe of the festive season.

Champagne glitz

Christmas lipstick shades- Marie Claire Nigeria
Revlon Champagne on Ice lipstick via Temptalia

The champagne glitz lipstick shade is the perfect choice for those glamorous New Year’s Eve celebrations. With its subtle metallic finish, this dazzling shade brings a much-needed celebratory sparkle to your lips. Pair it with your favourite party dress, and you’re ready to welcome the new year in style.

Whether you are a lipstick or lipgloss girl, with these colours, your holiday looks are bound to be showstoppers. While I’m captivated by the sparkling nude, I’d love to hear your favourite pick for this holiday season!”


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