AMVCA Diaries: These women are leading contenders for the category of “Best Writing in Film”

AMVCA Diaries: These women are leading contenders for the category of “Best Writing in Film"

Film is often celebrated for its stunning visuals and powerful performances, but it all starts with a writer’s idea on paper. Every iconic film owes its existence to writers who invest countless hours in research, brainstorming, and refining their scripts. These writers are the unsung heroes, pouring their hearts into crafting captivating stories. From that first spark of inspiration to the polished final draft, they shape narratives that whisk us away to new worlds and stir deep emotions.

As we count down to the 2024 AMVCA, here are the women who have dedicated their time, energy, and brilliance to creating characters and storylines that have evoked the strongest of emotions in people through the power of their pen. These are the nominees for “Best Writing in Film.”

Tosin Otudeko – Over The Bridge

Tosin Otudeko via Linkedin

For Tosin Otudeko, the inspiration for the film “Over the Bridge” came from a long drive across West Africa’s longest bridge, the Third Mainland Bridge, after a long drive home from her grandmother’s burial. As the journey proceeded, Tosin continued to imagine the life of a man and all the things that could happen if he wasn’t genuine to himself. Delving into mental health and marital issues, Tosin Otudeko created an entire personality and storyline from a drive home. This clearly represents her ingenuity and creativity, which she has displayed throughout the years.

Tosin Otudeko has imbibed her genius by creating multiple movies, poetry, and music. Her creativity remains unlimited, and her over two decades of experience make her a worthy candidate for the win.

Anyanwu Sandra Adaora – Afamefuna

Ayanwu Sandra via LinkedIn

An avid lover of Nollywood films would easily recognise the works of Sandra Adaora Anyawu. As a poet and writer, she has worked on films like “Side Chick,” “This is How It Ends,” “A Nanny for Zara,” “Mama Knows Best” (Season 2), and most recently, “Afamefuna.”

Afamefuna, a film depicting typical Igbo apprenticeship programmes, delves into the issues faced by people who relocate to find greener pastures. In pursuing a better life, they are forced to incorporate new life systems entirely different from their upbringing. With a few twists and turns, the film remains a must-watch for everyone. The film stands as a testament to Anyawu’s creative genius.

Funke Ayotunde Akindele, Collins Okoh & Akinlabi Ishola – A Tribe Called Judah 

Funke Akindele via Premium Times

Film mogul and politician Funke Akindele, Collins Okoh, and Akinlabi Ishola brought the highest-grossing Nigerian film 2023 to life. A tribe called Judah details the endeavours of five brothers who decide to rob a mall to save their mother but face interesting obstacles.

While speaking about the inspiration for the film, Akindele stated that pieces of her late mother made up the film. She credited the struggles of single mothers everywhere as her inspiration for the film, stating that the stigmatisation they face causes them to be often called “unprintable names” by society. Following the film’s success in 2023 and 2024, we can’t help but wonder if these talented writers will emerge as winners in this category.

As we look forward to the upcoming AMVCA awards, we’re curious: What are your thoughts on this year’s nominee list for ” Best Writing in Film”? Who do you hope to see win? Let us know in the comments!


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