Here are our best films by AMVCA’s leading actress, Kehinde Bankole

Kehinde Bankole’s stunning performance in “Adire” rightfully earned her the AMVCA for Best Leading Actress. This accolade is a true reflection of her incredible talent and unwavering dedication to the film industry. Beyond “Adire,” Kehinde has graced our screens in numerous projects over the past two decades.

Here are our top Kehinde Bankole films that you absolutely must watch!

October 1 as Tawa

Stills from October 1 via What Kept Me Up

Set in colonial Nigeria, October 1 was a tale of Nigeria’s historical complexities and a thrilling storyline in which Miss Tawa is a significant addition. Kehinde Bankole’s role as Miss Tawa was a glimpse into the experiences of Nigerian women in colonial Nigeria and a testament to her talent as an outstanding actress. The performance earned Kehinde Bankole the AMVCA for Best Actress in a Drama in 2015.

Blood Sisters as Olayinka Ademola

Stills from Blood Sisters via IMDb

Kehinde Bankole’s portrayal of Olayinka in “Blood Sisters” wasn’t just another role—it was a masterclass in embodying a complex character. Kehinde seamlessly transformed into Olayinka, a woman who redefines family dynamics. Viewers were on the edge of their seats, eager to see how this enigmatic matriarch, possibly older and controlling the family’s finances, would handle the brewing storm between her husband and his troubled brother. With Kehinde’s talent, Olayinka’s character promised to be as riveting as the central conflict itself.

Desperate Housewives as Kiki Obi

Desperate Housewives via Bella Naija

In Desperate Housewives Africa, Kehinde Bankole wasn’t your average suburban wife. Forget pearls and cookie baking!  Her character, Kiki Obi, sashayed in with a cocktail in hand and secrets clinging to her like designer labels.  Kiki was an enigma, a neighbour with a mysterious past hinted at by her knowing smile. Her life was anything but picture-perfect, unlike the manicured lawns of Wisteria Lane.

Viewers were instantly drawn to Kiki, eager to unravel her story.  Was she a trusted confidante or a catalyst for chaos? Did her arrival expose the cracks in the seemingly perfect lives of the other housewives or perhaps mend them with a dose of unexpected truth?  Kehinde Bankole’s captivating performance made Kiki Obi the scene-stealer and the most intriguing neighbour on the block.

Adire as Adire

Kehinde Bankole in Adire 

In Adire, Kehinde Bankole’s performance stunned everyone from set to screen, earning her the award for being the best leading actress. Her role as a controversial sex worker in a small town formed a bridge between comedy and outright drama. As Adire, Bankole challenged thoughts and perceptions of sex workers, the stigma, and the possibility of finding love even when you feel undeserving.  Adire is an easy-to-love character in an enthralling film.

Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti as Young Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti

FRK via Okay Africa

Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti’s legacy is often reduced to being the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria, but there’s so much more to her story. In the film about her life, Kehinde Bankole shatters this narrow perception with a stunning, paradigm-shifting performance as a young activist. Kehinde brings Fumilayo to life with such depth and passion, reminding us all of her extraordinary impact. Once again, Kehinde proves she’s a powerhouse of talent, making this film a must-watch for fans and sceptics alike.

Image Credit @lola_mewu

Kehinde Bankole’s impressive filmography showcases her incredible talent and dedication to acting. From playing romantic leads to tackling complex dramatic roles, her versatility and knack for bringing characters to life have endeared her to Nollywood fans. As she continues to explore diverse roles and push her boundaries as an actress, we can’t wait to see what she does next. Whether she’s making us laugh, cry, or think about deeper societal issues, Bankole’s performances are always a delight to watch. What is your favourite Kehinde Bankole performance, and why? Let us know in the comments!


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