Your summer hairstyle guide: embrace easy-breezy styles

Summer is a time of breeziness, fun, and letting go. We apply this to the places we visit, our clothes and even our hairstyles. While the weather swings from pleasantly warm to scorching hot, the ideal summer hairstyles do not add to the heat – unless we’re talking metaphorically *wink*.

As we dive into this vibrant season, we’ve been keeping an eye out for the most captivating hairstyles. We’ve spotted some of your favourite celebrities and creators rocking the hottest short twists and buzz cuts in beautiful copper tones to a stunning variety of braids. These summer hairstyles are versatile and effortlessly complement a range of outfits to give you the perfect summer look. Ready to dive in and discover the magic of summer hair? Let’s get started!

Wavy braids 

Temi- wavy braids summer hairstyles
Temi Otedola in wavy braids

You should take lessons on wavy and intricate braiding from the braid girlies; they are a top contender for the ultimate summer hairstyle. The waves range from loose French curls to tight bouncy curls. Their lightness and versatility make it easy to enjoy warm summer activities without worrying about styling. Wavy braids are a top summer hairstyle, perfect for beach days, picnics, or nights out.  

You can style these braids fabulously – wear them down for a laid-back beach or party vibe like Ayra Starr, or sweep them into a chic updo for a more elevated look. 

Knotless braids

Eniola- Knotless braids summer hairstyles
Eniola Abolarin in knotless braids

Knotless braids are known to be gentler than traditional box braids, offering less tension to your scalp, which makes it perfect as one of our summer hairstyles. Their weightlessness suits humid days, keeping you cool, comfortable and headache-free, which is the very point of summer days. Olamide, a natural haircare content creator, thinks knotless braids are stylish and easy maintenance while having fun, “All I do is spray water and leave-in mist, and it lasts long as long as you’re taking good care of it. I usually have it in a ponytail or leave it flowing”,

Beyond comfort, knotless braids are versatile. Gather them in a high ponytail, and create a stunning half-up, half-down style and a fun angle by adorning them with colourful beads.

Buzz Cuts

Eki- buzz cut summer hairstyles
Eki Ogunbor rocking blonde buzz cut

Experience the timeless appeal of buzz cuts, a refreshing and effortlessly low-maintenance choice, once again proving they’re the ideal summer hairstyles. Buzz cuts are suitable for any hair texture and are fun to rock with all the creativity you get to play around with them. The bold allure and confidence boost you get from buzz cuts are charming while allowing your scalp to soak in that summer air. The simplicity of this cut allows for endless styling possibilities. Experimenting with headscarves gives you a chic retro vibe. Accessorise with statement earrings and dabble in temporary hair colours for a playful twist that aligns with the summer spirit.

Natural Mini Twists 

Mini twists summer jairstyles
Emani Cole in mini twists

If you can overlook the time it takes to make this, you are in for an exciting ride with this summer hairstyle. Natural mini twists are a timeless favourite, superlatively aligned with the carefree essence of summer. If you have been considering locs for a while but haven’t decided to commit, mini twists are good for tryouts. Styling them is amazingly easy for a protective hairstyle and is very low-maintenance.    

Be sure to keep your scalp moisturised and have fun with the styling. Let the hair down in a cute parting, put it in a cute bun or create a half-up look with vibrant hairpins. Natural mini twists easily transition from casual to dressed-up, making them an excellent choice for any event.

Short Kinky twists or Locs

Taylor- short kinky twists summer hairstyles
Taylor, in short, kinky twists

Elevate your summer hairstyle with twists; short kinky twists and locs are excellent options. Crafted using soft and bouncy kinky or loc extensions, these choices add a touch of vibrance to your look. The compact length offers both ease and comfort, making them an excellent match for sunny days. Their lightweight nature affords you a much-needed break from the heat, whether outdoors having fun with friends, outdoor escapades or indoors doing chores. Their textured appeal adds an extra layer of character to enhance your summer look.

Treasure, a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty creator, likes her summer hairstyles short, flirty and fun, just like the season itself; this is why she likes short twists. 

“I think this truly reflects what summer hair should be about – giving you enough room to feel confident, let loose a little and have fun. Twists do just that.” She also loves that it is low maintenance and protective of her natural hair. “Come rain, come sunshine, with short twists, you will be good.”, she adds.

Bantu Knots

Sophia- Bantu Knots summer hairstyles
Sophie Alakija in Bantu knots by         

We love a good appreciation of our African roots, and Bantu knots do just that! Originally from the Zulu tribe in South Africa, this attractive hairstyle pays homage to African culture in a sophisticated way. As gorgeous as summer hairstyles go, this is a striking one you need to get behind. Sleeping comfortably might be an issue if you are trying bantu knots out for the first time, but you’ll soon find the best ways. Securing them with bobby pins also helps keep them in place while sleeping. 

Easily installed and versatile, Bantu knots can be your go-to summer hairstyle. Whether worn on their own or adorned with chic accessories like sew-in beads or vibrant bobby pins, they offer a fun and stylish look without the need for intricate styling. Depending on your preferred size, bantu knots have proven suitable for various people, enhancing your natural beauty. Don’t tell anyone, but we also love the extra curls it gives when taken out. 


Beyeta- cornrows summer hairstyles
Beyeta in cornrows

Nothing gives your scalp more breathing space than the classic cornrows. It is easily the most elegant choice of summer hairstyles. The girlies have rediscovered the appeal of having sleek cornrows and are spicing it up by using a variety of extensions which make modifications easy. 

These carefully woven braids showcase your gorgeous facial features and present a relaxed, breezy vibe that perfectly matches the season. From casual outings to more formal occasions, cornrows exude sophistication and softness, easily suited for any outfit of choice for your summer activities. 

Keep your cornrows sleek by protecting them with silk scarves overnight, and avoid constantly fiddling with them. Whether you opt for a single row or intricate patterns, cornrows are an excellent summer hairstyle to embrace the sun-soaked days with flair. 

Bob Wigs

Nonye- Bob Wig summer hairstyles
Nonye in bob unit

When it comes to summer hair, bob wigs are a go-to choice that combines style and convenience. Short and chic, bob wigs offer the easiest form of wig styling – slip it on, adjust it, and you’re ready to go. 

But what’s equally important is what’s underneath – neat cornrows provide the perfect foundation for a flawless bob wig look. Cornrows ensure that your wig sits securely and naturally, enhancing comfort and overall appearance. So, while you revel in the ease of your bob wig, remember that the key to a seamless and stylish outcome lies in those well-prepared cornrows beneath. 

Embrace the carefree elegance of bob wigs this summer and enjoy the season to the fullest.

Not to forget the hottest colours of the season, summer isn’t quite complete with the fun aesthetics that come with playing colours.

Radiant Accents: Copper, Ginger, and Blonde

Tiwa Savage- radiant accents summer hairstyles
Tiwa Savage via Instagram

Copper, ginger, and blonde accents are the colours for your summer hairstyles. These warm hues are splendid in wavy braids, natural mini twists, mini afros, cuts, cornrows, or locs, and they creatively capture the spirit of summer. 

Infusing your looks with the sun-kissed aura of these colours, either in streaks or in an ombre style, project an upbeat mood while giving you a luxurious look. 

It’s okay if you don’t want to take these colours on fully. Experiment with shades and placements, letting these accents seamlessly transition across different styles till you find your rhythm. 

Summer hairstyles are inspired by your personal style but don’t be afraid to take some calculated risks too! Enjoy the season by letting loose gracefully, having fun and surrounding yourself with all that vibrant energy.  


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