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5 ways to substitute your makeup products for the perfect face beat

Ever started your makeup only to realize you’ve run out of a certain product or sample and when you try to restock by contacting your usual beauty suppliers, you can’t find it? I know I have and it can totally ruin everything you’ve been working on, quite frustrating. The good news is, you can fix it. Keep reading, I got you.

When it comes to make up, the rules are not set in stone. You can  substitute one product for another and still get near identical results if you know the effect you are trying to achieve. . Take the razor vs tweezer substitute where you can define your brows using different tools and different techniques for the same defined result.

If you’re seeking for more not-so-unusual and harmless makeup products you can substitute, check these out below:

Sub 1: Eye Pencil as Lip Liner

Lip liners and eye pencils are often made with same base materials and formulated using similar processes. If you have the right shades in place, you can use your eye pencil to line your lips where you don’t have an eye liner and vice versa.

Sub 2: Mascara Wand as Spoolie Brush

The spoolie is an eye brow shaping tool used to soften and align your brows while filling them in. Where you don’t have a spoolie but you have a mascara, all you need to do is clean your mascara wand with wipes or its equivalent and then you can use it to brush, tame and shape your brows.

Sub 3: Lipstick as Blush

Not every woman wants to invest in a blush palette as those things can be pretty pricey. But every now and then, you might want to switch up your look. To get the flush of colour of blush, swatch some your lipstick in the shade that best compliments your skin tone on your fingers and gently dab on your cheeks to create that blush finish. Compared to powder blushes, creme blushes are often more shiny and blend into the skin naturally. This is what your lipstick as blush gives you,

Sub 4: Lip gloss as Eyeshadow

The whole idea behind the lip gloss as eyeshadow is to create glossy eyes. This isn’t a new trend like the rest but it’s a fun way to play with your makeup products and create something fresh. One thing to note is that when applying gloss to your lids, avoid getting to close to the eyes.

Sub 5: Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover 

Coconut oil can work both as a moisturizer and a makeup remover. Most make up removers are oil based and break down the compounds in your foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and make up without clogging your pores. All you need to do is put a reasonable amount on a cotton pad  and swipe over your face. After that is done, you will need to wash your face with a mild face wash/bar that works for your skin.

PS, this substitute won’t work with everyone, especially if you have oily skin and are prone to acne. Remember to do a patch test.

There’s no need to freak out, there’s always room to get creative with the products in your bag.


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