Wellness demands lifelong responsibility for health and well-being—your journey starts now

Welcome to a pivotal edition of our magazine, one that lies at the heart of our collective journey towards holistic wellness—a journey enriched by the diverse tapestries of our lives and the vibrant narratives of resilience that course through our community. As we navigate the complexities of our world, marked by rapid changes and persistent challenges, this Wellness Issue stands as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and collective empowerment.


“Wellness is a continuous, lifelong process that demands personal responsibility for mental health, bodily functions, and overall well-being.”


Drawing from the profound insights of Bunmi Ghiazat Adebimpe, we are reminded that wellness is not merely an aspect of our lives but the essence of our very being, demanding a continuous commitment to our mental health, physical well-being, and the nurturing of our spirit. This edition is a homage to the indomitable spirit of every individual who strives for a balanced life.


Within these pages lies a rich mosaic of stories and voices, each championing the cause of wellness in Nigeria against a backdrop of systemic neglect and outdated paradigms. Shockingly, our nation’s journey over six decades has been marred by a glaring omission—a comprehensive mental health act that addresses the kaleidoscope of mental health conditions affecting our people. This neglect leaves a void, a silent crisis that unfolds in the shadows of our society.


Yet, in the face of these challenges, a story of hope, resilience, and transformative growth emerges. Our focus spotlights the collective efforts weaving a vibrant tapestry of holistic wellness across Nigeria. From the grassroots to the grand, from ancient healing practices to modern interventions, we celebrate the journey towards wellness that envelops mind, body, and spirit.


Amidst the stark reality of limited resources and an overwhelmed psychiatric care system, with merely 350 psychiatrists for a populace soaring above 200 million, this issue heralds a narrative of empowerment. It’s a narrative that transcends the limitations of traditional and medical interventions, spotlighting innovative, community-driven solutions that offer a path to recovery and healing.


This Wellness Issue is more than a collection of articles—it’s an invitation to delve into the heart of wellness, discover the power of collective healing, and draw inspiration from the courage and creativity that fuel these movements. It’s a journey that challenges us to embrace holistic practices, find strength in our connectedness, and forge a path towards a healthier, more empathetic, and inclusive society.

“Every step toward holistic wellness plants the seeds for a flourishing life, where mind, body, and spirit grow in harmony.”


So, dear reader, as you embark on this journey with us, let the stories and insights within these pages inspire you to take bold steps towards a healthier, happier you. Let us celebrate the strides made by initiatives that harmonise the power of nature with science and draw strength from trailblazers who are making significant strides in mental health advocacy.


Together, we are not just individuals on a journey towards wellness; we are a community united in the pursuit of a life filled with meaning, health, and joy. Wellness, after all, is not just a destination but a journey—one that we are honoured to embark on with you.


With heartfelt wishes for your wellness journey,


Coco Anetor-Sokei
Content Editor


  • Coco Anetor-Sokei

    Meet Coco, the delightful and eccentric Content Editor at Marie Claire Nigeria. With a passion for mindful living and ample sleep, she's been weaving words since 2015. As a devoted mother, Coco cherishes moments with her inquisitive, spirited daughter, exploring the world to find deeper meaning in life.

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