Revive your skin’s fountain of youth with Collagen Rope

From the ripe age of 25 onwards, a crucial protein called collagen, acting as the structural backbone for our skin and various organs, starts to play hide and seek, diminishing and disconnecting from the connective tissue. The result? Gradually, our skin loses its firmness and bounce. But fret not! There are ways to fight back, both from within and without.

Enter the world of collagen treatments!

Picture this: You could be sipping on a tropical smoothie packed with collagen goodness or indulging in a luxurious collagen-infused spa treatment like the Collagen Rope (clocking in at 90 minutes of bliss, but hey, the results are priceless, right?). Developed in Turkey by the experts at DS-V-Line and now available in Italy, this rejuvenating treatment is like a magic potion for your skin.

The catch? You might need to commit to a few sessions, spaced out every couple of weeks, to truly reap the benefits.


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But let’s not jump the gun just yet. Before you dive headfirst into collagen paradise, here’s the scoop straight from the experts. This treatment is hypoallergenic, making it a safe bet for most skin types. However, if you’ve recently indulged in Botox or fillers, or if you’re battling conditions like psoriasis or lupus, or even undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, you might want to press pause on this one.

Now, let’s talk about strategy

Picture yourself in a serene spa room, with soft music playing in the background. Your skin expert, let’s call her Francesca, starts with a gentle cleansing ritual using a foamy cleanser. Then, it’s time for some serious exfoliation, courtesy of an avocado-based scrub followed by a mandelic acid peel. Next up, it’s all about prepping your skin for the main event – the collagen infusion. Think pure vitamin C to even out your skin tone and a blend of hyaluronic acid and gold flakes to amp up the hydration. These are absorbed into your skin using continuous radiofrequency, ensuring maximum benefits.

Now, for the pièce de résistance – the collagen threads!

Imagine delicate strands, each 7 cm long, carefully applied to your skin. Francesca, with her expert hands, strategically places these threads along your wrinkles and furrows, coaxing them gently into your connective tissue. It’s like a mini facial massage, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

But here’s the deal – for the next 24 hours, it’s hands off your face! No cleansers, no splashing water, just let that collagen work its magic. And oh, don’t forget the sunscreen! Your skin might be a tad more sensitive to sunlight, thanks to the mandelic acid.

Now, fast forward a few days, and voilà! Your skin is glowing, firmer, and oh-so-radiant. And the best part? The results only get better with each session. Consider this treatment your skin’s new BFF, a gift that keeps on giving. So, if you’re on a quest for that coveted skin glow, Collagen Rope might just be your golden ticket. Pair it up with a killer skincare routine, throw in some face gym workouts, stay hydrated, eat clean – and watch your skin thank you for it!

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Italy
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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