We hear the jingle bells- Prep for the season with these holiday decor trends!

holiday decor trends

‘Tis the season we’ve all been waiting for! I’m bursting with excitement, and who can blame me? The holidays are here, marking the end of quite a challenging year. What I cherish most about this season is reuniting with family and friends. I’m finally seeing my sisters after over a year apart, as well as friends who’ve been on their adventures. It’s the joy of having everyone in one place, a feeling shared by many. The holiday season is my absolute favourite, and if you’re here, I bet it’s yours too!

As the season kicks into gear, and we begin to make vacation plans and assemble family itineraries, why not start fresh? What truly sets the tone for the season, like warm holiday decor? Nothing quite compares. The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to unleash your creative spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned holiday enthusiast like me or a newcomer looking to get into the festive spirit, let’s roll up our sleeves, unearth those twinkling lights, shimmering ornaments, and that eagerly awaited, grand tree that’s been on our minds all year long. It’s time to get to work.

As we begin our decorative expedition, remember that decorating for the holiday does not have to mean sticking to the same old red, green and gold routine. So, here’s the scoop on some exciting new twists to classic holiday decor trends I’ve got my eye on this season. Let’s sprinkle a little magic into the mix!

Less Is More

The elaborate holiday decorations are typical, and sometimes, more is needed for holiday-themed decorations. With this theme, you can stick to the minimalist interior decor trend while having a splash of the holiday in your home. Also, If you have a small budget for your holiday decor, this trend is definitely for you! Opt for simple decorative arrangements like tree-shaped candles, faux mantle wreaths and traditional Christmas lights to set the mood for the season.

Glamour and Sparkle

If you love a bit of glam in your decor, you can switch the decorative red and green ornaments and tap into the sweetness of sparkle with silver or gold decorative ornaments. Silver ornament arrangements can give an illusion of snow. Gold, on the other hand, offers you the vibrant glow that everyone will be in awe of this holiday season. If you need help deciding which way to go, glam is the way!


Vintage holiday decorations are dreamy. They remind us of the sweetness of the yesteryears while maintaining the allure of the modern-day aesthetic. For this aesthetic, include earthy tones like deep reds, emerald greens and shimmering golds in your decor. Remember to add the classic ornaments associated with the traditional holiday decorations. Antique-inspired figurines like Santa Clauses, reindeer and angels contribute to the whimsical feel. At the same time, traditional accents such as wooden nutcrackers and hand-knitted stockings bring a sense of authenticity to the space. To incorporate a touch of luxury into your decorations, opt for velvet, satin or lace fabrics.

A Touch Of Africa

What do you think about Christmas with a twist? With a touch of Africa, you can add a touch of your African identity to your holiday decorations. Holiday decor does not have to be essential and tedious. Incorporate pieces that remind you of the African heritage and have fun with it. Opt for natural or nude tones like cinnamon and dark brown. Remember your ornaments! Look out for decorations with African prints and African details.

Shades of Christmas

We love the colours of Christmas and the nostalgia it brings. However, we don’t have to oblige to the primary colours of Christmas, which are the regular bright reds, emerald greens and gold. Integrate close shades of reds like maroon rose, ruby or cherry. Remember the greens as well. Incorporate shades of green like parakeet or basil green.

As the days roll out and we fully blossom into the holiday season, Let your decorations welcome you and your families into a season filled with love and giving. Remember to get creative with your decorations and stick to the season’s trends! Let me know which direction you’ll work with for your holiday decorations. Happy holidays!!


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