Pockets of joy: 5 women share their ultimate sources of happiness

When push comes to shove, can you say you are boundlessly happy? Being able to experience tiny pockets of joy every day is a timeless necessity.

Amid challenges and chaos, cherishing small joys in life holds paramount significance for our happiness. Intentionally stepping out of comfort to indulge in activities that give us all the satisfaction we want might seem tedious, but it is worthwhile. 

The power of intentional happiness

Happiness and tranquillity serve a great purpose in the grand scheme of things. In seeking comfort, we overlook nurturing our minds and souls, a vital pursuit for inner wholeness and balance. Discovering this sense of wholeness and deliberately placing happiness at the forefront is a secret we’re about to unveil just for you.

Unveiling the sources of your happiness requires acknowledging that you might not have all the ingredients to craft those little pockets of joy. When confronted with the question, “What brings you happiness?” finding an answer can be challenging and feeling uncertain is okay. You’re not on this journey alone.

The Global Happiness study shows that 64% of adults globally are happy, and their happiness is rooted in satisfaction and comfort. The happiest individuals maintain robust relationships, boosting productivity and resilience even during tough times, as this study indicates. The benefits of being intentional with your happiness are endless, ranging from self-confidence, high self-esteem and high productivity to great personal relationships and improved physical health. 

Finding your pockets of joy

Finding your pockets of joy in spontaneity and every tiny part of your life can be of great value to your mind and soul. Discovering happiness within, not just seeking it externally, led us to converse with Angie, Desire, Tonia, Gabriella, and Glory. We discussed their ultimate sources of joy.

Angie, 24

Amidst the chaos of NYSC, Angie finds extreme happiness in just reading an ebook whilst eating after a long day. Grabbing her phone to scroll through it at the end of a tiring workday brings her immense satisfaction.

“Eating fruits helps my digestive system, and when my gut health is great, I’m generally great”

As her mind sets for the day with her favourite songs from Solange’s album, Angie finds the most comfort in winding down. She enjoys videos of cats, pictures of her enthralling locs, and the guilty pleasures of Maltesers and Snickers as she watches the sky darken.

Glory, 26

Glory seeks her pockets of joy in short clips of her niece, and playing pretend with her newest wig. 

“I bought this wig I’ve always wanted and even when I am home, I like to wear it sometimes. Makes me feel good”

These activities help her escape the tediousness of her life as a creative writer. As a creative writer, her days are spent curating pieces that speak on modern-day feminism and the bouts of womanhood. Her love for her job cannot be questioned; however, taking time to settle down from the mentally demanding nature of this occupation is crucial for Glory. Being able to sit and just be is all the satisfaction she needs. 

Desire, 20

As a writer, Desire writer finds her happiness in all things beautiful. From music, cat videos, books and trees to writing for herself, painting her nails, fresh sheets, twists and kinky hair. The thought of all these things keeps Desire anticipating the next day. 

“Maintaining my happiness is astronomically important to me because when I’m unhappy, I can’t function. I become even more off-kilter. My happiness is never permanent, but I take my pockets of joy VERY seriously.”

Tonia, 22

Getting lost in the mushy romance of Korean dramas, a steamy cup of coffee and comfort food is everything Tonia craves at the end of a work day. The best part of her day is intentionally setting out time to watch and get second-hand butterflies from at least one episode at a time. Getting her hands on a cute dress amuses her almost as much as a Gregorian chant.

“Music always keeps me sane. I never know where my playlist takes me. It may be a Gregorian chant, a Japanese song, it may even be Bill Withers, who knows?”

While everyone is okay with being in bed in the dark of the night, the hustle and bustle of Lagos nightlife is revitalising for Tonia. 

Gabriella, 23

For Gabriella, smashing the patriarchy is not happening as fast as she would like, so she squashes anyone who tries to battle her on the dance floor instead. Korean dramas, horror films and sitcoms are her wind-down tools at the end of each day. 

“While most of my favourite things are indoor activities, I also like sharing these experiences with friends”.

Consider this a reminder that happiness often awaits you all around, sometimes in the most unexpected moments and places. Each person’s unique experiences and perspectives on happiness can be inspiring and enlightening. By understanding the internal sources of joy, we can discover that happiness is not solely dependent on external circumstances. Still, it can also be cultivated from within through personal growth, positive relationships, and a sense of purpose. These conversations can be a source of motivation and encouragement when seeking to enhance your happiness and well-being.

Protecting what makes you happy

Prioritising and safeguarding your sources of joy might feel like a chore until you realise how much better your life becomes when happiness is your compass. A happy mind is indispensable through whatever burdens you might be carrying. 

No matter life’s challenges, safeguarding your precious pockets of joy should be right up there on your list of priorities. These strategies will be your practical guide to ensuring your happiness remains intact.

  1. Do it yourself: Teach yourself the things that make you happy and know them by heart. People are contributions to your happiness and not determinants. 
  2. Daily affirmations: Remember why you want to be happy every day, and repeat your reasons to make them stick. 
  3. “Me” time: Carve time out of your schedule to do the things that bring you joy. 
  4. Journal: Tracking the best highlights of your day will help you remember the tiny little things that put a smile on your face and even the things that upset you so you can avoid them. 

By being intentional and mindful of your happiness, you are placing your happiness on a sacred level. This shows commitment to living a life that is true to yourself and filled with joy, contentment and purpose. The journey to happiness often begins with self-discovery. Identifying the activities, people, and experiences that genuinely bring you happiness is crucial in nurturing your well-being. 


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