These luxury wristwatch brands can take my money any day

A wristwatch is one of my favourite accessories. They aren’t just functional timekeepers; they are exquisite pieces of art that tell a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury. Whether you’re a horology enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of wristwear, navigating the myriad of watch brands can be overwhelming. However, I’ve found that knowing a bit about these wristwatch brands can help guide our choices. 

From the historic houses that have withstood the test of time to the contemporary innovators shaping the future of watchmaking, the following luxury wristwatch brands are worth every penny. We also decode the mystique of these renowned watch brands, their histories, and glitzy partnerships with some influential celebrities. So, secure your wrist straps as we dive into the fascinating universe of wristwatches. 


Luxury wristwatch brands- Rolex
Image: Global Watch Shop

Let’s begin our exploration with a brand synonymous with opulence, precision, and having ice on your wrist – Rolex. Established in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, Rolex has become the epitome of timeless luxury. This Swiss giant has a rich history, crafting watches that have graced the wrists of legends such as Paul Newman and Sir Winston Churchill. The iconic Oyster Perpetual, Submariner, and Daytona wristwatch models continue to be coveted classics. Rolex also has an A-list roster of brand ambassadors, including the suave Roger Federer and the ever-stylish Jennifer Aniston, amplifying its status as a symbol of success and sophistication. I am a big fan of Aniston, so you can consider me influenced.

Audemars Piguet


Luxury wristwatch brands- Audemars Piguet
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Image: deRolojes

Audemars Piguet is a brand synonymous with artistry and innovation. Established in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, this Swiss brand has continually pushed the boundaries of watchmaking. The Royal Oak, introduced in 1972, was a game-changer with its bold octagonal design. This avant-garde spirit resonates with the likes of LeBron James, Mark Ronson, and Jay-Z, who have proudly sported Audemars Piguet timepieces. Audemars Piguet is a forward-thinking wristwatch brand committed to exquisite craftsmanship and groundbreaking design. I love extraordinary pieces, and this brand makes the type of watches I would like to show off occasionally.  

TAG Heuer


Luxury wristwatch brands- TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer Carrera. Image: TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is a name that resonates with those with a need for speed and a passion for precision. This luxury wristwatch brand, founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, has a storied history in motorsports, aviation, and timepieces. The Carrera and Monaco collections have become synonymous with racing legends like Steve McQueen and Ronnie Peterson. TAG Heuer’s contemporary partnerships with Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, and Cara Delevingne ensure its relevance in the fast-paced world of fashion and entertainment. If Ryan Gosling likes it and Thor wears it, I will be on it too. After all, I’m just a girl.


Luxury wristwatch brands- Omega
George Clooney’s Omega Speedmaster. Image: Omega

No guide to wristwatch brands is complete without a nod to Omega, the Swiss master of precision and prestige. Established in 1848, Omega has pioneered numerous technological advancements, including the first watch worn on the moon by Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 mission. The iconic Speedmaster and Seamaster collections have solidified Omega’s status as a symbol of innovation and elegance. Daniel Craig in James Bond, along with a roster of Olympic athletes like U.S. track star Dalilah Muhammad and Golfers Rory McIlroy, Sebastian Muñoz, and Guido Migliozzi, have proudly worn Omega timepieces, adding a cinematic and athletic allure to the brand. In an alternate world, if I were to be an Olympic champion, Omega would also be my go-to watch brand! But I love my job, so maybe I’ll get one as a birthday gift from my boss, who knows?

Patek Philippe

Luxury wristwatch brands- Patek Phillipe
Image: Luxify

Delving into the world of haute horlogerie, Patek Philippe is a beacon of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Founded in 1839, this brand has consistently produced some of the world’s most complicated mechanical watches. The Calatrava, Nautilus, and Aquanaut collections showcase Patek Philippe’s dedication to blending tradition with innovation. Influential people like Queen Elizabeth II and Brad Pitt have graced their wrists with Patek Philippe masterpieces, emphasising the brand’s regal presence. As a minimalist, especially with accessories, I like it for its minimal and sleek designs.


Luxury wristwatch brands- Hublot
Hublot Big Bang Unico Black Magic. Image: Hublot

When it comes to contemporary luxury, Hublot has emerged as a trailblazer, seamlessly fusing art and ingenuity. Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, Hublot made a bold statement with its rubber-strapped, gold porthole-inspired wristwatch. The Big Bang and Classic Fusion collections have since become synonymous with bold design and technological prowess. Hublot’s collaborations with artists like Shepard Fairey and Japanese artist and sculptor Takashi Murakami and partnerships with sports icons like Usain Bolt and Kylian Mbappé solidify its position as a brand that transcends traditional boundaries. I have always loved Hublot wristwatches; hopefully, we will see fewer fakes on Instagram in 2024. Amen to that.


Luxury wristwatches- Cartier
Cartier Santos. Image: Watchmaster via Instagram

This guide is complete with the mention of the Cartier brand. Renowned for its timeless elegance and distinctive design, Cartier has been a symbol of luxury since it was founded in 1847 by Parisian watchmaker Louis-Francois Cartier. The Tank, Santos, and Ballon Bleu collections showcase Cartier’s commitment to sophistication and invention. Cartier embodies timeless refinement from the wrists of royalty like Princess Diana and Princess of Wales Kate Middleton to Hollywood stars like Rami Malek and Jake Gyllenhaal. If it was the people’s princess’s choice, it could be mine too. I am my father’s princess.


Luxury wristwatches- Bulgari
Image: Watch Time Magazine

Stepping into Italian glamour, Bulgari has carved a niche with bold aesthetics and unparalleled expertise. Founded in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, the brand is celebrated for its exquisite jewellery and watches. The Serpenti and Octo collections are iconic representations of Bulgari’s fusion of contemporary design and classic elegance. Celebrities like Zendaya, Naomi Watts, and Ciara have embraced the allure of Bvlgari, making it a symbol of Italian luxury worldwide. Did somebody say Zendaya? That’s enough reason for me to want one. 



Luxury wristwatch- Casio GShock
Image: Pinterest

Casio was probably the first luxury wristwatch brand I knew. Although I’ve heard the millennials say it reminds them of their high school calculators (No shade, Wumi), the brand has redefined modernisation for every wrist; Casio has been a pioneer in the world of digital watches since its inception in 1946. The G-Shock and Baby-G collections are not just timepieces but symbols of durability and resilience. They’ve been everywhere; from athletes to fashion enthusiasts, Casio’s appeal transcends diverse lifestyles. Collaborations with figures like Eminem and Black Pink and streetwear brands like Undefeated and ALife New York emphasise Casio’s cultural impact. I think it’ll be fun to own a G-Shock. It feels like a right of passage for street style. 

These brands offer a unique narrative on some of our favourite wristwatch brands. From the enduring legacy of Rolex to the innovation of Audemars Piguet, the racing spirit of TAG Heuer, the precision of Omega, the heritage of Patek Philippe, and the modernisation of Casio, I’ll happily spend all my money on one of them. Don’t hold me to that, though! 

What are your favourite wristwatch brands? Do you own any of these? Share with us!


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