These Hidden Netflix Holiday Gems Are A Must Watch

One thing the holiday season never fails to do is set the mood for movie marathons. Every year, we try to find the best holiday flicks, and this year, Netflix has graciously curated a collection of hidden holiday gems that deserve a spot on your watchlist.  

These films may be off some people’s radar, but they will bring joy and festive spirit to your holiday binge-watching sessions.


Scrooge- A Christmas Carol (2022)

From 1970 to 2001, various versions of Scrooge were released, but none beat this 2022 version. Drowned in trauma and past experiences, Ebenezer Scrooge is burdened with the outcome of his past and present actions and their implications for his future. Through this film, life lessons of retribution, forgiveness, and kindheartedness are prevalent. 


Love Hard (2021)

If you ever wonder what it’s like to constantly be on dating apps without positive results, this movie is perfect for you. “Love Hard” tells the tale of a columnist, Natalie Bauer, who writes about her failed love life and the downsides of being on dating sites. Eventually, she finally catches a break when she meets Josh online and falls in love with him, but everything is not as it seems. From Los Angeles to New York, she travels with the intent to surprise Josh, only to surprise herself. “Love Hard” is a must-watch with just the right number of cringy scenes to make you  curl your toes in your holiday flip-flops. 


Holidate (2020)

Sloane and Jackson are stuck in the ultimate single struggle during the festive season, surrounded by meddling family members and questionable romantic prospects. Their paths cross most unexpectedly, and suddenly, they’re each other’s escape from the holiday madness. What starts as a pact to be each other’s date for New Year’s evolves into a year-round ‘holidate’ arrangement, complete with accidental confessions at Halloween. But of course, they’re also in total denial. This love story is wrapped in tinsel and adorned with holiday chaos and a sprinkle of feel-good romance, which you most certainly will enjoy!


All My Friends Are Dead (2020) 

A group of friends reconnect for a New Year’s Eve party at a remote home, but the night turns fatal when their darkest secrets are revealed. As the group deals with their betrayals, tensions rise, and a peculiar and gruesome series of events unfolds, culminating in a surprising and unexpected ending. The film delves into issues of friendship, betrayal, and the darker side of human nature, combining dark humour with suspenseful moments to produce an intriguing and thought-provoking cinematic experience that will leave you questioning everything. 


The Christmas Chronicles 1 (2018) 

Imagine meeting Santa but not on good terms because you found a way to unintentionally almost ruin Christmas. “The Christmas Chronicles 1,” set in Lowell, Massachusetts, is a heartwarming 2018 holiday comedy that follows siblings Kate and Teddy as they embark on a wild adventure to capture Santa Claus on camera. When their scheme goes awry, causing Santa’s sleigh to crash in Chicago, it’s up to them, with the help of a mysterious mechanic named Nick, to save Christmas. Along the way, they learn about the season’s true spirit, discover that Santa is more than just a jolly myth, and find hope and joy in the most unexpected places. With Kurt Russell as the coolest Santa ever, this film is a magical ride that will have you believing in the magic of Christmas all over again!


Klaus (2019)

Jesper, a frustrated postman, finds himself in a frigid northern town full of feuds and misery. Jesper’s dreams of escaping his mundane life take a wonderful turn when he meets Klaus, a gruff toymaker with a golden heart. They embark on a campaign to bring joy by urging children to send letters to Klaus with their desires. What follows is a touching story of kindness, giving, and the transformative power of the Christmas spirit. As Klaus’s elaborate toys work their magic, the once-divided village is brought together in the warmth of unity and compassion. During this merry adventure, Jesper discovers the genuine meaning of Christmas and the sheer delight of making people happy. “Klaus” is more than just an animated short; it’s a timeless celebration of the season’s magic, earning its spot as a modern Christmas classic that will leave you with a heart full of warmth and cheer.


Holiday Rush (2019)

The struggle is real when the glamorous DJ Rashon “Rush” Williams loses his job and trades his posh life for a cramped space with his kids at Aunt Jo’s place, played by the fabulous Darlene Love. As the festive season rolls in, Rush decides to flip the script and use his DJ mojo to spread Christmas cheer in the community. With a new radio station in the mix, Rush turns up the holiday tunes and shares messages of hope that resonate far beyond the airwaves. Alongside his producer, Roxy (played by Sondra Celli), Rush discovers that the real magic of Christmas isn’t about fancy gifts but the warmth of togetherness and the love of family. Get ready for a jingle-filled journey as Rush and his crew unwrap the season’s true meaning, proving that the best gifts come from the heart.


Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)

If you love musicals, this movie is just what you need. “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” is a wonderful and touching tale set in the charming town of Cobbleton. Jeronicus Jangle, the legendary toymaker, gets deceived by his apprentice, Gustafson, and loses his creativity and bright toy business. However, the birth of his lively granddaughter, Journey, rekindles his enthusiasm for creation. They begin a fantastic quest to revive Jangles and Things. Meanwhile, Gustafson is struggling with his callous creations. As Christmas approaches, the film wonderfully develops themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the enduring power of imagination, reminding us that even in the darkest circumstances, the spirit of Christmas can bring hope, love, and the joy of creativity back into our lives.


The Princess Switch (2018)

Although this movie has four parts, nothing beats the first Princess Switch. In this classic Christmas-themed rom-com Chicago baker Stacy and Montenaro’s Duchess Margaret discover they’re doppelgängers just in time for Christmas. In a whimsical twist of fate, they decide to swap lives for a taste of something new. Stacy navigates the royal protocols in Belgravia, while Margaret enjoys the anonymity of Chicago. Love blossoms in unexpected places as Stacy falls for Prince Edward and Margaret connects with Kevin, Stacy’s sous chef. As the two worlds collide, secrets unravel, dreams resurface, and the duo realises that perfection isn’t all it seems. In a heartwarming finale, they must choose between their original lives or embracing the love and happiness they never saw coming. “The Princess Switch” is a festive rollercoaster that will leave you believing in the magic of unexpected love during the most wonderful time of the year! 


A Bad Mom’s Christmas (2017)

Motherhood is anything short of perfection; three supermoms toss out the rulebook of perfect holiday planning and embrace the chaos. But, of course, their plans hit a snag when the grandmas show up, each bringing their own unique brand of disruption. The moms have their hands full, from demanding Christine Baranski to free-spirited Cheryl Hines and control freak Susan Sarandon. Despite the madness, our trio bands together, discovering that imperfect holidays and quirky family dynamics are what make Christmas truly special. Ultimately, they unwrap the real gift of the season: love, family, and forgiveness. It’s a wild ride of laughs and heartfelt moments, proving that holiday joy comes in the most wonderfully imperfect packages!


These Netflix Christmas hidden treasures may not be as well-known as some classics. Still, they provide a distinct combination of pleasure, fun, and heartbreaking moments to your holiday movie marathon. So grab your favourite blanket, get some festive goodies, and dig into Netflix’s undiscovered treasures this Christmas season.



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