11 tips to put the ‘self’ in self-pleasing

Wouldn’t you love to amplify your moments of relaxation with even more pleasure? Get ready to break away from the usual and explore the deepest corners of your imagination.

Certainly, those moments when you reach the peaks of pleasure, accompanied by the secrets that make you feel truly liberated, are the moments of self-pleasure. Adding a touch more excitement to your fantasies while you dream in a private space with the person you desire can elevate the intensity of your orgasms.

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With these 11 suggestions, your moments of self-pleasure will take on a whole new level.

1. No need to undress

After a day that started with little sleep and seemed endless, wouldn’t you want your body to relax as soon as you step into your home? There’s a simple thing you can do to shift your mood.

As soon as you close the door to your room, drop yourself to the floor without taking off your clothes. Start caressing and relaxing from under your underwear. Leave all the negativity of the day behind and enjoy being alone in your fantasy world.

2. Use your other hand

How about making a small change in your routine self-pleasure session? Then try using your other hand.

3. More hands?

While your hands roam your body, imagine sharing your bed with several men at the same time by simultaneously focusing on multiple areas. Let your hands move constantly.

4. Lie face down

If you’re tired of self-pleasuring while lying on your back or sitting, try lying face down. After burying your face in the pillow, bring your hand to the back and imagine unique positions. Use the pillow to close your eyes, expand your imagination, and prevent possible sounds from being heard by others.

5. Masturbate with a pillow

You can be on top even when you’re alone. While on your knees, place a pillow between your legs and start moving back and forth. The pressure on the pelvic muscles will make your fantasy much more realistic.

6. Try the shower head

Using the shower head, you can achieve the desired effect on your clitoris. Adjust the temperature and amount of water as you like. The water pressure will accelerate your arousal. Depending on the fantasy you’ve created, you can move the showerhead to the desired area.

7. Expand your fantasies

This heading is for those who ask, ‘How can I enjoy myself at home besides self-pleasure?’ Even if you have the opportunity, try not taking off your underwear. Close your eyes and imagine making love with the person you desire in an unexpected place. Separate yourself from the crowd, think about making love with the constant fear of being caught, and add excitement to your excitement.

8. Try sex toys

You don’t necessarily have to be alone when self-pleasuring. While enjoying your freedom on a day dedicated to yourself, your small sex toys may be your most loyal companions. Spending time as much as you want with a vibrator that won’t deal with jealousy crises and has no interest in football is in your hands.

9. Be opportunistic

During the day, take a short break by closing yourself in the bathroom, and wouldn’t you want to just focus on yourself when no one cares about what you’re doing? For your little escapades, using the bathroom can be a good choice no matter where you are.

10. Benefits of the bathtub

Continuing the self-pleasure fantasies… If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, you’re very lucky. Fill the tub with hot water, lie down towards where the water comes from, and lift your legs out of the tub. As the water comes from the faucet or showerhead, it will caress your clitoris, and you will experience increasing pleasure. You can also try it with cold water if you wish. Moreover, while in this position, adjusting the intensity of the water is entirely in your hands.

11. Change positions

Lie face down and start stroking your clitoris by placing your hand under your body. You can also use your other hand to move it over your buttocks if you want. For more variety, try tying your eyes tightly.”

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Turkey
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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