These exciting braids will inspire your next hairstyle

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the eternal relevance of braids. Their versatility is why we love them. You can tie them up, spice them up with accessories, or just let them down, and voila – an instant fabulous look! 

Now, as much as we adore braids, who else can relate to the struggle to find exciting styles that don’t seem basic? If you’re nodding along, feeling the frustration of wanting that extra oomph in your hair game, I hear you loud and clear.

Get ready to say goodbye to boring and unexciting hairstyles because we’ve got a lineup of sensational braid styles just for you. 

With French curls

French curl braids
Image: Pinterest

This is the trendiest braid style that took us by storm last year and is still a favourite with the girls this year. Combining French curls with braids adds a whimsical, romantic touch to your look. French curls are elegant, making this hairstyle perfect for special occasions or a night out.

Short braids with curls

Curly braid styles
Image: Sabrinas Beauty via Instagram

Short braids are all the rave now, from blunt cuts to the light feathers 90s look we loved in old Nollywood movies. You can now elevate them with the texture and flair of curls. This chic and modern twist on traditional braids is a surefire way to turn heads wherever you go.

Bob braids with bangs 

Bob braids with bags
Image: Very Cynthia via Pinterest

Speaking of short hair, the bob style is a hit on the streets. Adding bangs to this classic retro hairstyle brings a contemporary and chic twist. While the bob length gives it a trendy touch, the addition of bangs introduces an element of versatility and edge.

Fulani Braids with beads or curls

Fulani braid styles
Image: Oyinkan Dada via Pinterest

Let’s talk Fulani braids – the style that took over the internet! You can spice things up with beads, adding a playful touch to celebrate your uniqueness. If you’re feeling glamorous, go for the short style with curls for that dynamic, eye-catching vibe. And when you’re in the mood to make a statement, the long version with regal beads are your go-to – attention-grabbing and perfect for standing out. 

With round loops

Round loop braids
Image: Karya Theodore via Pinterest

This is a fascinating style I love. It’s innovative and fresh, so break away from convention with artistic round loops. This avant-garde style adds an element of surprise and creativity to your overall look.

Afro puffs in cornrows and braids

Afro puff hairstyle
Image: Falana Music via Instagram

Let’s chat about the coolest fusion in town – cornrows with afro puffs! Picture this: intricate cornrow patterns meet bold afro puffs to create a confident head-turning look. Chef’s kiss. But wait, there’s more! You can take it up a notch with the drop version of afro puffs in your braids for a playful twist. It’s the unique and trendy variation you need to add that extra flair to your hairstyle this year. 

With bangs

Braids with bangs
Image: CG via Pinterest

Bangs are trendy, and wigs have been the primary expression for this, but in recent times, braids have gotten their bangs moments, too. Embrace this edgy style that adds a modern and youthful vibe to your hair. It’s trendy, hot, and stylish!

Layered braids

Layered braid style
Image: Tobi Ojora via Pinterest

Character and depth are what we long for with our braids, and a layered style creates an exciting hairstyle. This sophisticated and textured style adds an extra layer of elegance to your braided look.

Beads and bling on your braids 

Jewellery on hair
Image: The Zoe Report

One simple yet effective way of adding some glam to your braids is through accessories. Beads of different shapes, colours, and jewellery like small hoops, pearls, or curls will elevate your hairstyle in exciting ways. 


Koroba hairstyle
Image: @ooomarianne via Instagram

We are adopting more than just old-fashioned styles; retro hairstyles are the rave right now, and they are gorgeous. Channel traditional elegance with the Koroba hairstyle and accessorise the tips with beads for a more regal look.

Wolf cut braids

Wolf cut braids
Image: Dunsin Wright via Pinterest

Yes, I felt the same way the first time I heard it. The trendy allure of the edgy wolf cut blends perfectly with the timeless appeal of braids. This contemporary hairstyle seamlessly fuses two popular trends for a bold and fashionable statement.

Colourful braids

Colourful braid style
Image: Chi Chi Adogu via Instagram

If there’s anything we love, it is colourful braids. Kick things off with lively, vibrant box braids that express your personality. Play with a spectrum of hues to create a lively, eye-catching appearance. We also recommend peekaboo braids with a row or two of contrasting colours to make your dark hair pop.  

With a side or undercut

Braids with undercut
Image: Coils and Glory via Pinterest

Just when they think you’re spotting basic braids, add an element of surprise with a side or undercut. This daring choice creates a dynamic contrast, showcasing your adventurous and bold spirit.

Heart-shaped part

Heart-shaped part
Image: Pinterest

This fun parting isn’t just for cute kids. Infuse a touch of romantic fun into your braided style with a heart-shaped part. This sweet and subtle detail adds a whimsical charm to your hair, making it perfect for various occasions. Want a great conversation starter? You’ve got one right there.

Lemonade braids

Beyonce Lemonade braid style
Image: Pinterest

Did somebody say Beyonce? The queen’s hairstyle inspired this hairstyle in her Lemonade music video and might just be your cup of tea. What’s not to love about channelling your inner Bey?

Jumbo braids 

Jumbo Braids
Image: Temi Otedola via Pinterest

Perfect for lazy babes like me, Jumbo braids are where it’s at. Characterised by their larger-than-life size, they make a striking statement of confidence and individuality. It also helps that they don’t take long to make, so if you have to head out quickly, this one is for you. 

Braids are so much more than a protective hairstyle; they are exciting when you experiment creatively and let your personality shine. Whether you opt for a trendy wolf cut, playfully accessorise, or try a heart-shaped part, these styles will keep your hairstyle trendy and thrilling.

Break free from the ordinary and add some fun to your hair routine this year. Which of these styles will you be trying out?  


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