The Look with Nonye Udeogu: Exemplifying value, sustainability, and entrepreneurship

Nonye Udeogu, widely recognised as Thisthingcalledfashionn, initially didn’t aim to become an influencer despite her impressive 100,000+ Instagram followers. Today, she stands as a highly sought-after figure in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

In recent years, Nonye Udeogu has secured collaborations with renowned brands like Spotify, Multichoice, and Tecno Mobile. She has even successfully launched her own fashion brand and received multiple awards. Reflecting on her journey, she explains, “I always wanted to have my fashion brand rather than pursuing a creator’s path. Becoming a creator happened naturally, as it was the right time.”

With an extensive knowledge of content creation and a willingness to always share with her audience, Nonye believes value should be the focal point of any content, from the brands a creator promotes to the knowledge they impart.

“I want to work with you only if you value my brand. No matter how much the person is willing to pay.” On her part, she freely shares tips on how she achieves certain types of content and also hosts a content creation masterclass. 

In Nonye Udeogu’s episode of MCN The Look, sustainability is the theme in line with our Fashion issue, and she takes us on a stylish re-rock journey. Also known for her love for decluttering, Nonye constantly sells off her gently used and sometimes new fashion pieces to her audience at discounted prices. Speaking on keeping up with her bi-yearly closet sales,  she says, “As fashion creators, we often receive a lot of clothes. I began my closet sale because people kept asking, ‘When are you giving this away?’. I don’t see the point in hoarding clothes I won’t wear. That’s why I started my closet sale – it’s the easiest way to declutter.”

Nonye Udeogu’s tips on embracing sustainable fashion are easy and straightforward, just like she shows us in The Look.

  • Shop looks instead of just random pieces- “Invest in looks instead of just individual pieces because if you don’t have what to style with those pieces, it becomes a waste” 
  • Get more value out of your clothes by shopping for versatile outfits and sets. These increase your styling options and ensure long wearability.

As a fashion content creator and entrepreneur, if Nonye could change one thing about the Nigerian fashion industry, it would be production. “I wish we could produce more in Nigeria and have the amenities to produce. The economy affects how content is produced in Nigeria”. She believes the industry is on the right track, especially on the sustainability wave, and more can be achieved with suitable structures and policies. 

Nonye also doesn’t compromise on self-care as an individual, and this extends beyond being a content creator. “Self-care should be important to everyone, and for me, it’s knowing when to take breaks”. Although she notes that as a creator, while it might be challenging to take these breaks because “we are always on our phones”, it is imperative to do so as it helps with staying creative. 

Here are 5 of our favourite looks on Nonye Udeogu:

Look 1

Nonye Udeogu- MCN The Look
Image: Nonye Udeogu in Austrian Lace

Nonye stuns in this power suit set and complements it perfectly with a white tee for a casual chic take.

Look 2

Nonye Udeogu- MCN The Look
Image: Nonye Udeogu in Hertunba

In one of last season’s most loved pieces, Nonye wears the Rolly dress with a rattan bag. This look makes ‘resort chic’ a reality. 

Look 3

Nonye Udeogu- MCN The Look
Image: Nonye Udeogu in Mimmi Kasu

Money Green is absolutely right with this stunning green dress suit. Nonye looks like a bag of money in this power look, and we love it.

Look 4

Thisthingcalledfashionn- MCN The Look
Image: Nonye Udeogu in What Nay Likes

Some people can pull off a black monochrome look, but not everyone can match a leather jacket with fluid pants for a sophisticated street style look. Nonye nailed it with this look.  

Look 5

Nonye Udeogu- MCN The Look
Image: Nonye Udeogu in Whipped and Co

Nonye is a vision in this nude and copper ensemble. Accessorised with a nude oversized clutch, we get a ‘Sex and the City’ mood from this.

Bonus- The Look

Thisthingcalledfashionn- MCN The Look
Image: Nonye Udeogu in Sama Woman

Watch Nonye Udeogu’s episode of The Look to see her re-styling this ‘award-winning outfit’ sustainably. 


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