Meet the African tastemakers putting local cuisine on the map

Meet the African tastemakers putting local cuisine on the map

Forget bland and boring! Africa’s local cuisine explodes with vibrant flavours and unexpected ingredients, a rich tapestry woven from generations of tradition. This isn’t just about filling your stomach; it’s a journey through history and culture on every delicious bite. African cuisine is finally taking centre stage, with innovative chefs and passionate entrepreneurs putting a fresh spin on age-old recipes. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and embark on a culinary adventure across the continent!

Embark on a culinary journey across Africa as we delve into the vibrant world of food influencers shaping the continent’s gastronomic landscape. From delectable dishes to culinary creativity, these tastemakers are not only redefining flavors but also captivating audiences with their passion for cooking and sharing the rich tapestry of African cuisine.

Diary Of A Kitchen Lover

Omotolani Tayo-Osikoya, popularly known as Diary of a Kitchen Lover, is a Nigerian food blogger, recipe developer, certified chef, and entrepreneur.

She makes amazing food content, curates detailed recipes from regular home ingredients, and shares them with over 2,000,000 communities across all platforms. Diary Of A Kitchen Lover has consistently inspired her community in many ways, from simplified recipes to kitchen hygiene, kitchen organization, cookware, equipment, and general lifestyle.

She is also a brand ambassador for Nigeria’s foremost dishwash brand, Morning Fresh!

Siba Mtongana

Sibya is a multi-award winning culinary extraordinaire, food expert, author, entrepreneur, judge on Chopped South Africa, mom and wife. With her show on Food Network, Siba’s Table, Siba Mtongana continues to break industry barriers through her passion for food and people.

Siba has won 3 international awards at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in China and was recognized by the US Film and Television Awards for her cooking show, Siba’s Table. In 2019, her business was hand-picked by the office of South Africa’s presidency to culinary direct and curate the VIP menu for the inauguration of then-South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Chef Fregz

Private Chef, Knorr Taste Quest Judge, Le Cordon Bleu trained Gbubemi Fregene is one of the premium and most recognized Chefs in Nigeria. Chef Fregz is an outfit that provides exclusive catering services with a specialization in bespoke private dinners and tailor-made menus.

He has been featured on well-known media platforms like CNN’s African Voices, and has endorsements from prominent brands such as Kenwood and Samsung; this, in addition to an extensive portfolio from working with local and international brands.

Chef Nti

Nthabiseng Ramaboa, a.k.a. Chef Nti, is a restauranteur, food and beverage product developer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer with an international cooking show and popular cookbook. Following the loss of her fashion and facilities business six years ago she’s not only managed to reinvent herself in a wholly new career successfully but continues to claim her space while inspiring so many others. Chef Nti was also the South African ambassador for BBC’s Lifestyle Channel.

Chef Sia

Simisola Idowu-Ajibodu, also known as Chef SiA, is an established chef and entrepreneur based in London, England, and Lagos, Nigeria. Chef SiA provides bespoke private chef services that cater to intimate gatherings. She consults on recipe development and restaurant development and curates menus.

The Nigerian-British chef’s mantra, “To Cook Is To Be Happy,” captures her passion for creativity and fusion of great food. She hosts intimate events showcasing the deep flavors of Nigerian cuisine using innovative culinary techniques. By combining modern dining and home comforts, she creates nostalgic memories through food.

Chef Ali Mandhry

Kenya’s Chef Ali Said Mandhry, popularly known as Chef Ali L’artiste, is a Celebrity Chef, TV/Radio personality, culinary instructor, and food stylist. He is a renowned figure in the African food scene, known for his culinary expertise and passion for showcasing the diverse flavors of the continent.

He has made a significant impact as a food influencer, inspiring and educating food enthusiasts with his creative approach to cooking and his dedication to promoting African cuisine.

His innovative recipes and cooking techniques have captivated audiences and contributed to the growing popularity of African flavors in the culinary world.

Africa Style Daily hailed Ali as one of the top five reigning chefs of African cuisine, and Kenyans voted him number 1 on their top 10 chef list. He shattered barriers by becoming the first African chef to win the International Hall of Fame Award (USA), and now proudly serves as Kenya’s Chefs Global Ambassador.

Chef Wu

Wunmi Durosinmi—Etti is a culinary visionary with a passion for crafting unforgettable experiences through food. My culinary journey is a fusion of innovation, tradition, and a deep commitment to excellence, with a background in Product Design Engineering and over a decade of industry experience.

She is also the Lead Consultant of Oúnje Hospitality Co., where she leverages her expertise to create exceptional culinary experiences, develop innovative menus, and showcase the diversity of African ingredients. She has worked on diverse projects, from private dinners and recipe development for brands and restaurants to food styling and brand campaigns.



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