Low Impact, High Reward: Let off some steam with these new hobbies.

Exercising is an excellent way to reduce stress and stay healthy, but sometimes finding the motivation or energy for a complete workout session is hard. Don’t worry – there are plenty of activities that don’t require much energy but can still provide great stress relief. Here are some low-energy physical activities that you can try:

Take A Walk In Nature

Nothing beats a leisurely walk surrounded by nature’s beauty! Taking a stroll around your neighbourhood can be a calming activity that doesn’t take too much effort or time. Not only does it give you some fresh air and sunshine, but walking also helps clear your mind and gives you time to decompress from a stressful situation and reflect on life without feeling overwhelmed. So if you’re looking for an easy way to de-stress, grab your sneakers and go for a stroll!

Stretch It Out

Stretching may seem like such a small thing, but trust us when we say it makes all the difference! Whether it’s yoga stretches or simple toe touches, stretching helps relieve tension both mentally and physically while improving flexibility at the same time. Plus, with no equipment necessary, there’s no excuse not to do this one!

Play With Your Pet

If you have pets at home, why not use them as part of your relaxation routine? Playing games with them, like fetch or tug-of-war, can help release endorphins that improve mood while giving your body an active break from sitting down all day. And since your pets usually need to be walked regular to keep them active and healthy, why not combine two things? Get out into nature (see point 1!) with your pet companion for double the de-stressing power!

Go For A Swim

Swimming is easily one of the best low-energy physical activities out there because it works cardio and strength training muscles with minimal  strain on joints or bones, thanks to the cushioning effect water pressure has on our bodies. Plus, if you make swimming part of your regular exercise routine, you will gain secondary benefits, such as increased lung capacity and overall cardiovascular health while having a great time in the water!

Dance Parties

Who said dancing was just something reserved for clubs? Dancing around in our homes has become increasingly popular over recent years, especially during lockdown periods when going out isn’t possible – plus, who doesn’t love having their dance party? Put on some music that makes you happy and get grooving – even just 10 minutes of moving around will help boost serotonin levels leaving us feeling happier & healthier overall!

Take Up Gardening

Most people might see tending plants outdoors as a labour intensive task; however, gardening requires minimal effort yet provides maximum reward – both emotionally & physically speaking! Planting flowers & vegetables provides mild exercise whilst being therapeutic due to its calming effects; plus, watching things grow right before our eyes gives us feelings of accomplishment which boosts self-esteem too! So next time you need some light distraction, pick up those garden tools & get digging!


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