3 simple exercises to boost your memory and cognitive abilities

Feeling like improving your memory and boosting the proper functioning of your brain?

For that, nothing could be simpler: you just need to train yourself. Because “our memory is like a muscle,” reminds Jim Kwik, a memory stimulation coach and author, as reported by mindbodygreen. So, practice “neurotics” (aerobics for your neurons), these “little things that don’t take much time but challenge you,” he explains.

Firstly, start by practising navigating through space and your environment alone. “I just want people to trust their brains again. So many people lack confidence because they lack mental skills. You’d be surprised at how instinctively you know your way, even if you have to take a longer route to get there,” says the expert.

To boost your memory, train yourself to use your non-dominant hand.

A simple way to train and improve your memory. The second effective technique to maximise your cognition is to use the hand you never use (right for left-handers, left for right-handers).

A habit that will benefit your brain. “When you brush your teeth with the opposite hand, it activates a different part of your brain,” and therefore activates areas that are not usually stimulated, strengthens neural connections, and even develops new ones.

But that’s not the only benefit of training to become ambidextrous: using your non-dominant hand in everyday activities will make you more present and aware of the moment. “Brushing your teeth or eating with the opposite hand forces you to focus on that activity and be attentive… Doing something new requires focus,” emphasises memory coach and author Jim Kwik to mindbodygreen.

To maximise your cognition, make your everyday activities more active.

The next technique is to make television, reading, or listening to music more active. These everyday activities, which have become passive over time, can be real brain boosters. By making them more “awake,” these activities will benefit your memory.

For this, use your imagination: for example, when watching television, put yourself in a character’s shoes. Because “it has been shown that fiction improves your EQ, that is, your emotional quotient,” the expert continues.

Making your mind an actor in the many daily tasks of your life will naturally stimulate your cognitive abilities and, above all, the good health of your memory box. Ultimately, “simply changing small daily activities can have a profound impact on your memory and cognition. So, go ahead and practice ‘neurobics’ today – chances are you’ll feel stronger with each set,” concludes expert Jim Kwik with the women’s media outlet.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire France
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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