7 new sex positions to try out tonight

Temperatures are rising outside, and preferably also in the bedroom. Sex expert Oloni reveals seven experimental positions to make your sex life more exciting. 

New and exciting experiences make life interesting, and that also applies to a long and happy sex life, says sex expert Oloni. Trying out new sex positions is recommended. “Sex is like food. No matter how delicious a meal is, if you eat it every day, you will eventually get tired of it. Why would that be any different with sex?”

According to Oloni, sex is always better when there is an element of surprise. “This is especially important if you have been together with the same partner for a very long time and both of you have routines that you know you like,” says Oloni.

sex position ideas
Sofa Surfer image via LoveHoney

The sofa surfer

This position guarantees an orgasm for both partners. And luckily, you don’t have to be a professional acrobat for it.

“The woman sits on the armrest of a sofa and gently leans her upper body backwards on the seat of the sofa. Her legs are stretched in the air. The man stands behind the woman and places her legs on his shoulders while wrapping his arms around her thighs,” says Oloni.

“The angle of the woman’s hips allows the man to penetrate deeply. He naturally reaches those crucial internal spots that yield explosive results for a woman. The pace can be determined by the man in this position, and they can also free up a hand for stimulation of external erogenous zones such as nipples, clitoris, penis, or testicles.”

sex position ideas
Sex in an Aeroplane Image via LoveHoney

Sex in an airplane

Of course, we don’t mean actually in an aeroplane. But this position can undoubtedly take you to new heights. This position is one of the best for deep vaginal penetration, and both you and your partner have hands free for more play.

“The man sits on the ground with his legs spread open,” explains Oloni. “The woman sits on top of the man with her back to him, and her legs are parallel to his.”

sex position ideas
Bear Claw Image via LoveHoney

Bear hug

Another ideal position for those who love deep penetration is the bear hug. You can easily vary the intensity and depth, so both partners are satisfied.

“The woman stands upright and lifts one leg in a bent position to let the man enter. He uses a wall or bed for support,” says Oloni. “The man stands behind the woman, gives her a tight hug, and penetrates her while holding the woman’s waist to pull her closer.”

sex position ideas
Mirro Mirror Image via LoveHoney

Mirror mirror

Oral sex can be delightful – if done right. With the Mirror Mirror position, both you and your partner can enjoy and pleasure each other with mouth and hands simultaneously. Sex expert tip: take turns being on top and switch between oral and hand stimulation.

“The upper partner kneels with their hands shoulder-width apart,” says Oloni. “The lower partner lies on their back with their head between the legs of their partner and their legs bent and spread hip-width apart. The lower partner can grab the buttocks of the upper partner to guide everything in the right direction.”


sex position ideas
Pelvic Pin Image via LoveHoney

Pelvic pin

In a more intimate, sexy atmosphere? Then the Pelvic Pin is for you. For this position, you should be a bit flexible, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

“One partner lies on their back with their legs in the air. The other partner looks at the lying partner in a sitting position with their knees apart and leans against the raised legs of the other. This way, you go up and down or penetrate.” An additional tip from the sex expert? “Take it easy with sensual friction of your pelvis or explore vaginal or anal penetration. Adjust the penetration depth by raising or lowering the hips of the lying partner.”


sex position ideas
Yin and Yang Image via LoveHoney

Yin and yang

Are you excited by external stimulation? Then, the Yin and Yang position is for you. “One partner lies on their back with their legs spread apart. The other partner lies on their side in the opposite direction, positioning their body as if two scissors are crossing and touching at the base,” she says.

“This scissor-like position is usually associated with two women rubbing their vulvas against each other, but Yin and Yang are fantastic for all types of genitals. Rub against each other, indulge in penetrating sex, explore the position as part of your foreplay, rub against other body parts, or let your hands do their thing to stimulate all external hotspots – with Yin and Yang, you can go in any direction.”

Post-it Note

In this scenario, each of you writes a favourite and achievable sexual fantasy on a post-it note, and then you put it in a pot. Try to come up with ten suggestions each week, taking turns choosing one of those fantasies and doing them.

“If that sounds too complicated or demanding, do smaller things to ensure your partner knows that sex is important to you,” Oloni advises.


This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Belgium Flemish
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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