10 tips for ultra-slow running to get fit

Ultra-slow running is an excellent weight loss method for beginners and those with moderate exercise experience. Although the intensity of ultra-slow running is relatively low, it consistently burns calories and improves cardiovascular function. Here are 10 tips to help you get fir through ultra-slow running. Mastering these will ensure you slim down successfully!

10 tips for ultra-slow running for weight loss

Tip 1: Extend the duration

Since ultra-slow running is of lower intensity, it requires a longer duration to burn fat. Each session should last at least 30 minutes, gradually increasing to 45-60 minutes.

Tip 2: Maintain moderate intensity

The speed of ultra-slow running should feel easy, but your heart rate should still increase. The pace should allow you to talk comfortably while running, yet not feel too relaxed. This intensity level is beneficial for ultra-slow running.

Tip 3: Keep a stable frequency

Engage in training at least 3-4 times a week to maintain a consistent exercise routine, boost metabolism, and continuously burn fat.

Tip 4: Combine with strength training

Incorporate strength training 1-2 times a week to build muscle mass and increase your basal metabolic rate. You can choose simple bodyweight exercises, such as home squats, push-ups, and sit-ups.

Tip 5: Balanced diet

The key to weight loss is balancing calorie intake and expenditure. Ensure a balanced diet during running training, including sufficient protein, fibre, and healthy fats. Avoid high-sugar and high-fat foods.

Tip 6: Stay hydrated

Maintain adequate hydration before and after running to enhance performance and reduce fatigue.

Tip 7: Progress gradually

Don’t push yourself too hard initially. Gradually increase the running time and distance to allow your body to adapt.

Tip 8: Rest and recovery

Ensure you have enough rest each week to allow your muscles and body to recover fully and avoid overtraining.

Tip 9: Vary your running routes

Change your running routes to keep things interesting and avoid monotony. You can also choose different terrains, such as grass or hills, to add a challenge.

Tip 10: Maintain a positive attitude

Weight loss takes time and patience. Stay positive and don’t get discouraged by a lack of immediate results.

Your Weekly Training Plan


  1. Use a heart rate monitor to ensure you are in the optimal fat-burning heart rate zone.
  2. Track your progress weekly, whether it’s running distance, time, or weight changes. This helps to stay motivated.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Taiwan
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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