These 5 traits that make us less attractive according to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence draws our attention powerfully. Testing your ability to think and learn, in a way, as well as the way it develops answers to questions that we find super curious, always leaves us wanting more. We’ve asked the AI ​​system, ChatGPT, for questions as different as what the happiest couples have in common, the best place in Europe to go in summer or the most popular CC creams in the world. In this article, we ask what things make us less attractive to other people.

These 5 traits that make us less attractive according to artificial intelligence

When we talk about attractiveness, we are not limiting ourselves only to romantic or physical relationships. Attractiveness is everything that awakens our interest, admiration, or desire for a person. It can draw our attention in this sense, without having any type of relationship with it.

Well, when asked what things make us less attractive, the AI ​​system begins by clarifying that, obviously, attraction and preferences “vary from one person to another.” However, it does mention some general issues that reduce our magnetism and, beyond the lack of hygiene (yes, it puts it in the first place), these are five.

1. Selfishness and lack of empathy
Artificial intelligence is clear. If there is something that ruins our attractiveness, it is “the lack of consideration for others and the inability to show empathy.” Delving into this question, it explains that this selfishness “implies a lack of consideration for the needs and desires of others,” prioritising their interests and benefits, “which may be unattractive to those who value empathy and reciprocity in relationships.” In this way, there would be no collaboration, generosity or mutual support, therefore no balance.

2. A pessimistic attitude
The fact of being positive, decisive people, with a resilient and optimistic mentality that allows us to see the good side of things and face obstacles, makes us much more attractive in the eyes of others. On the other hand, as ChatGPT points out, “a constantly negative or pessimistic attitude can affect the attraction of some people.”

We do not hesitate to ask why, and the first thing it alludes to is precisely the “negative energy” that they transmit. “Negative people often emit negative energy that can be draining and discouraging to those around them. Their pessimism, constant complaining, and focus on the negative can affect the environment and make interactions tense or unpleasant,” the AI ​​clarifies.

3. Lack of independence and autonomy
On an emotional level, excessive dependence on others and lack of autonomy can be considered unattractive according to ChatGPT. In addition, the AI system states that people who possess their own aspirations and goals, exude self-confidence, and require less external validation are seen as secure, mature, and emotionally balanced.

4. Insecurity and lack of self-confidence
Derived from the lack of emotional independence – or vice versa – comes insecurity. As ChatGPT explains: “Excessive insecurity and lack of self-confidence can negatively affect some people’s attraction.” People who feel confident in themselves and their abilities, who trust in their potential, are perceived as more attractive. Furthermore, their confidence is reflected in a positive attitude, so we would result in another aspect that multiplies the ability to attract.

5. Lack of interest or passion for something
AI ensures that “a lack of interests or passions can make someone seem less interesting,” referring to the goals and purposes that a person may have throughout life. Because? Well, because it is perceived as a lack of motivation, of direction for directing our lives.

Also, the lack of passion leads to a lack of enthusiasm, vitality, and not seeking self-improvement and personal growth. Also, our identity, added to our interests, goals and passions, is precisely what makes us unique and authentic.

To conclude, ChatGPT emphasises that “these are generalities and that each person has their preferences and values.” To which it adds: “The most important thing is to be authentic and respect others since attractiveness is largely based on the personal and emotional connection established between two individuals.” We can not agree more!

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Spain
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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