Get into the holiday groove with these must-have Christmas accessories!

Christmas accessories!

Inspired by our recent holiday style guide, I’ve been pondering the most delightful ways to infuse my wardrobe with Christmas’s joyful and festive spirit. While decking out in head-to-toe festive colours is not my preference, it doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the holiday spirit through my Christmas accessories.  

Red ribbons, reindeer hair bands, festive nail art, mistletoe earrings, and, surprisingly, the old Christmas masks that once scared me as a child are what I find myself wanting now. These accessories complement many outfits and spread the contagious joy of the season. They also serve as great conversation starters, giving you a reason to wear a smile throughout the festivities.

Here are some Christmas accessories that will light up your mood this festive season:

Red ribbons

Christmas accessories- red ribbons
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The allure of red ribbons can transform any outfit into a festive masterpiece. To adapt this to your holiday wardrobe, consider tying a vibrant red ribbon around your waist as a chic belt or pin it as a brooch to your chest for a pop of colour on your monochrome outfit. For a whimsical touch, weave a ribbon into your braided hairstyle or use it as a choker to showcase your elegant holiday spirit.

Customised socks

Christmas socks
Erin Mitchell via Instagram

I plan to wear my customised Christmas socks around the house on the 25th with my cosy Christmas pajamas. To flaunt your cool style this season, I recommend stepping into the season with personalised socks that keep your feet warm. Socks adorned with playful festive motifs, and custom designs speak to your personality and bring a touch of Christmas cheer. Wear them with your sneakers to your casual hangouts or let them peek out from beneath your trousers for a subtle festive touch at work.

Holiday-inspired handbags

Angel Obasi via Instagram

You might already have a handbag suitable for all the season’s events. If you don’t, you can get creative by decorating your other bags with subtle Christmas accessories like the ribbons mentioned above or festive scarves tied to their handles. If you have an array of bags, get in the festive mood with the clutches adorned with sequins or box-shaped bags. A velvet or metallic finish adds a touch of shine; if they come in Christmas colours, those are perfect, too. 

Christmas-themed scarves

Christmas accessories- Marie Claire Nigeria
Jenn Ibe via Pinterest

‘Tis the season for scarves in Christmas colours to have a moment with your outfits. This holiday, wear scarves featuring Christmas designs like snowmen, candy canes, or the classic Fair Isle pattern. Effortlessly infuse a festive feel to your outfit by tying it as a headscarf, looping it loosely around your neck, or tying it on your bag handles. Did somebody say holiday chic? That’s absolutely correct.

Velvet hair accessories

Christmas hair scrunchies
Shein via Pinterest

Another way to elevate your look this Christmas is by adding rich hues to your hair with accessories. Festive embellishments in velvet fabric are the best to adorn your hair and add subtle luxury to your looks. Choose velvet scrunchies, headbands, or hairpins to provide a soft and tactile element. These accessories are perfect for capturing the fun essence of the season.

Festive statement earrings

Festive earrings
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You’ve been seeing all the homemade, artful earrings lately, right? It’s your turn to make a bold statement with earrings featuring iconic Christmas symbols. Think dangling ornaments, miniature Christmas trees, or even Santa Claus-inspired designs when purchasing your jewellery this Christmas. These pieces instantly draw attention to your face, adding glamour to your holiday outfits. For maximum impact, pair these statement pieces with a simple updo, or go subtle by letting them peek out when you wear your hair down.

Glittering hairpins and barrettes

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Give your hairstyle a dazzling upgrade with glittering hairpins and barrettes this season. Choose accessories adorned with sparkling rhinestones or metallic accents that glam up your dresses. Spread these accessories throughout your hair for a delightful shimmer. You can also create a statement by clustering them for a more eye-catching effect.

Festive nail art

Christmas nail art
Trendy Hypes vis Pinterest

Extend the holiday cheer to your hands with festive nail art. Experiment with classic red and green hues, intricate snowflake patterns, or even miniature Christmas tree designs. Make your nails a canvas for celebrating the season with your creative choices. Check out this article for a few ideas to guide you on the holly jolly nail art designs you can wear this Christmas season.

Get in high spirits this festive season by creatively incorporating these Christmas accessories into your holiday looks.  From statement earrings, customised socks, to glittering hairpins, decking yourself out in holiday charm with these accessories, contributes to the joyful and bright celebration of the season.


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