Gele is the must-have crown to celebrate Pride Month in style

With Pride Month upon us, there’s no better time to celebrate diversity and self-expression through your style. This year, why not take your fashion to the next level with a gele? This traditional African headwrap is more than just an accessory—it’s a powerful statement of elegance, cultural heritage, and individuality. Whether you’re attending a parade, a party, or simply embracing the spirit of Pride, a gele can add that unique touch to your outfit.

Here are five modern and unique gele styles that will make you shine this Pride Month.

1. Fan gele

First up, we have the fan gele. This one is for the lovers of drama! The fabric is arranged to look like a fan, creating a truly eye-catching effect. Imagine walking into a Pride event with this bold style—everyone will look your way. Add some beads or sequins, and you’ve got yourself a headwrap that’s as dazzling as your personality.

2. Rolled gele

Image via Aseobibella

If you like to keep things simple yet stylish, the rolled gele is your new best friend. It’s super easy to do, taking less than 10 minutes for the layers of wraps and folds. Despite its simplicity, the rolled gele offers a sleek and elegant look that’s perfect for any occasion, from private hangouts to more formal gatherings. It’s versatile and effortlessly chic—what’s not to love?

3. The gele bow

Diaryofafatfashionista via Instagram

A bow for pride? Coquette! The bow gele is all about fun and sophistication. Whether you’re headed to a Pride parade or a fancy dinner, this gele adds a touch of whimsy to your outfit while keeping it elegant. It’s the perfect way to showcase your playful side while looking fabulous.

4. Peacock gele

Image via Journalofafashionlover

It’s time to stand out with the peacock gele. The peacock fan is grand and stylish. What’s  not to love? It’s perfect for big celebrations and gatherings where you get to be the centre of attention, celebrating Pride with all the flair it deserves.

5. Ruffled gele

Image via Melody Jacob

This style is all about glamour and sophistication. By creating ruffled layers with the fabric, you get a look that beautifully complements any traditional attire. The ruffled gele plus a special event equals luxurious and fabulous!

There you have it—five stunning gele styles to elevate your Pride Month ensemble. We love to see how you style it. Each style offers a unique way to express your individuality and celebrate your heritage. Embrace the gele as the crown you didn’t realise you needed, and let it be a symbol of your pride and personal flair. Shine brightly and celebrate with confidence this Pride Month!


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