Eku Edewor makes a stunning fashion comeback with the new Vicnate N°4 Campaign

Eku Edewor has been a staple of Nigerian fashion since she first caught the attention of the fashion elite as the host of the 54 Extra.

Since then she has worked with multiple in-demand designers, started trends, and earned a coveted feature in Vogue US. She took some time away from the spotlight to raise her daughter and pursue other interests, but now she is making a much welcome back in front of the lens as a muse.

She returns to front the campaign for Victor Adewale’s Vicnate N°4 collection, the fourth installment from a designer she has publicly admired and worn frequently in the last 2 years.

Collaborating with Eku Edewor on this campaign is Victor Adewale, the creative director of Vicnate. His luxe fashion label has drawn the attention of fashion legends like Iman and Oroma Elewa.
It is rare to find a team that embodies the ethos behind the collection as described by Adewale. Ugo Ahiakwo, a post-minimalist visual artist whose sculptural work bears parallels to the work of innovators like Carl Andre also features. Adewale’s long time collaborator TheGinstarp photographs. MerikabyOnome, Edewor’s long time makeup artist, provides grooming for the campaign.
The N°4 collection is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 Mystery Drama; Eyes Wide Shut, with a focal point on the character Alice.
This deep dive into an exploration of the senses through clothes is minimalist in the expression of colour, concentrating more on texture, cuts and finishing.
N°4 is a sensual collection, exuding understated flamboyance. A selection of clothes for the daring woman who enjoys the feel of a piece as much as how it makes her look.
Sculptures from Akwikwu’s ‘Sink or Swim’ exhibition (currently showing at the Mike Adenuga Centre) serve as an unconventional set for the monochromatic images in the campaign.
Eku’s hair is slicked back, her make up dark and brooding. TheGinstarp captures her draped body as she interacts with the art, supine in some shots, formidable in others.
The effect is sensual. Her body soft in contrast with the hard and unyielding set pieces. Only a certain kind of woman, the kind the Vicnate brand dresses, can remain in focus when surrounded by such stark beauty.
The brand’s new editorial campaign embodies everything that is fresh and innovative about Nigerian fashion. A muse known for her classic beauty and her unconventional choices, partnering with a new generation of creators whose work pays homage to the past while innovating for a new audience.
Revel in the campaign’s beauty here:


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