Easy and heartwarming ideas to spread good cheer this holiday season

The holidays wrap us in a blanket of goodwill and joy, filling every moment with delight, from cosy family gatherings to cherished times with dear ones.

Remember, the circle of good cheer extends beyond family and close friends. Everyone deserves love! This season, let’s embrace various ways to shower both loved ones and strangers alike with happiness. Get ready to scatter those joyful vibes everywhere!

Send Personalised Greetings

Create personalised messages or Christmas cards for the people who matter to you. Your message can have details about how they’ve made your year great. Share warm wishes, recount special memories, and tell them you have them in mind through your personalised greetings.

Bake, Cook and Share

spread good cheer with food
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One of the easiest ways to spread good cheer is by giving the gift of a full belly. Prepare delicious delicacies ranging from baked goods to delicious traditional meals. Share a taste of good cheer through these meals and enjoy them together with the people around you.

Acts Of Kindness

Create an advent calendar for every family member to ensure they partake in random acts of kindness this season. Each day, challenge yourself and your family to perform an act of kindness around them. It could be helping a neighbour out with a chore, leaving a kind note, holding the door open for an older person or helping a child cross the road.

Donate To A Charity

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The holiday is a perfect time to give back to the community, especially those in need. Find a charity that aligns with your values and donate to support the cause. It can be a cancer research program, an orphanage home or a charity that supports women who cannot afford sanitary products. Whatever charity you decide on will undoubtedly contribute to someone’s joy.

Host A Virtual Celebration

Distance is no longer a barrier with technology in our hands. Plan online activities to host loved ones and connect digitally regardless of distance. These online activities can include virtual festive games or a virtual movie night. Whatever activity you choose, everyone will enjoy the quality time spent together.

Charitable Activities

 spread good cheer with charitable activities
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Money is not the only thing you can donate to a cause. Give the gift of time and strength to individuals who need it most this holiday season. Bring a helping hand to church activities supporting less privileged individuals and the elderly. Organise food drives to feed people experiencing homelessness and people in need and join community cleaning groups.

Create A Gratitude Jar

This is a fun way to bring the family closer at the end of the year. Start a gratitude jar and encourage the family to write what they’re grateful for and who they’re grateful for. On New Year’s Eve, sit together and read what everyone wrote. This will kickstart the new year on a good note and bring joy to everyone.

Give the Gift of Time

In a time when everyone is careful with how they spend their time, give the gift of time to someone you care about or someone you haven’t had the chance to spend time with. Spend quality moments with loved ones, engage in activities, or share a meal with them.

Organise A Secret Santa Exchange

spread good cheer a a secret santa
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Spread the joy of surprise through a Secret Santa game. Using websites like DrawnamesSecret SantaElfster and many more, have everyone curate their wishlists and let their Secret Santas surprise them with whatever they want. The element of mystery and thoughtfulness adds a feeling of joy and excitement to the holiday season.

Write A Letter

Handwritten letters are an underrated expression of love and sweetness, adding extra sweetness to our gifts and gestures. Write a heartfelt letter of gratitude and expression of love to that special person to make them feel the holiday spirit of love and joy this season.

In the holiday joy, small acts of kindness play a big part. Try these simple ways to spread cheer and brighten the season. Wishing you warm holidays filled with laughter and the joy of making the world happier.


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