Brain fog? Here’s how to power through it!

dealing with brain fog

Do you ever feel like you’re facing a mental block and cannot simply focus on your work? Or do you get so tired of doing stuff that it feels like you cannot be creative even on the best days? Then, you might be experiencing brain fog.

Brain fog is a limited cognitive function that can become so hectic that it starts to negatively impact one’s work and creative process. Multiple things can cause brain fog. In this article, we will delve into the what, why, and how to power through brain fog.

What causes brain fog?

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Many things could cause brain fog. However, these are the most common reasons you’re probably not thinking straight.

Lack of sleep: Have you ever binge-watched your favourite show until the wee hours of the morning, only to wake up feeling like a sleep-deprived zombie? Yep, lack of quality sleep is a prime suspect behind brain fog.

Bad diet: Are you guilty of fueling your body with more junk food than a regular university student? Well, that could be contributing to your brain fog woes. Poor nutrition can make your brain feel sluggish as a sloth on a hot summer day.

Stress: With deadlines looming, emails piling up, and your boss breathing down your neck like a hungry dragon, stress can be a major culprit behind brain fog.

Dehydration: Do you, perhaps, spend more time drinking soda and everything in between but not water? Well, you’re not alone. Dehydration can cause much more than you’d like to bargain for.

A sedentary lifestyle: Sitting all day at work and sitting all night at home might not be the best lifestyle habit you’d want to adopt. Plus, it’s not doing your brain any favours. Lack of physical activity can leave your mind feeling as stagnant as a puddle.

What to do when your mind gets foggy

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As a victim of frequent brain fog, these are my go-to hacks whenever my mind gets foggy. Let’s get into it.

Take a walk

Taking a walk will get your blood pumping and give you the chance to get some fresh air outside. Step out of the foggy space mentally and physically and start walking. A few minutes later, you will feel a lot better and refreshed.

Drop the screen

Sometimes, being on your laptop or any type of electronic device can become overwhelming and lead to digital overload, which can cause brain fog. Taking time off the screen and connecting with the people around you can give you a fresh perspective as well as clear your foggy mind

Stay hydrated

 Drink a lot of water. Water has multiple benefits and can help heal your mind. So, have a bottle by your side at all times so keep reminding yourself about the need to drink water

Grab a bite

In my experience, sometimes, you might just be hungry. Don’t hesitate to get a well-balanced meal and munch to your heart’s content. Food is fuel; when you run out of fuel, your brain can shut down.

Take a nap

Because stress is usually the cause of brain fog, taking a quick nap would give your brain the reset it desperately needs. Don’t avoid sleep when you need it; let yourself rest.

With these tips, you will start to feel much better than when you were foggy-brained. But if you don’t, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

Brain fog can be difficult to cope with, but you can get through it with a good attitude and sticking with these practical tactics. Accept the experience, address the reasons producing the fog, and attempt to recover mental clarity. You can travel through the fog and emerge stronger on the other side.


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