Baby, the girls are wearing baggy denim now!

The skinny denim trend of the 2010’s will always be a classic but baggy denim has always had my heart. Don’t tell the 19-23 year old me that though, I was squeezing into the tightest skinny denim trousers I could find then and saving a ton of Folake Huntoon’s stylish pictures for my style inspiration during the holidays.

But fashion trends soar and wane and now, we have to get with the program of wearing stylish silhouettes that are comfortable and chic! Welcome baggy denim!

Denim Will Always Be Trendy

Denims, generally, have always been trendy since they were first invented almost 500 years ago. The denim jean really took the fabric from the exclusive preserve of blue collar workers to runways and streets across the world. The fabric remains but we play with shapes and silhouettes in our never ending quest to find the perfect fit. As Gen-z try to distinguish themselves from the bandage dress, skinny jean wearing millennial generation, they are embracing retro styles like the maxi/midi denim skirt trend. As for us at MCN, we’ll always have denim, in whatever form it comes. 

While skinny denim can give a “slimming” look to your outfits and make them look structured, baggy denim give a more slouchy yet comfortable look that can equally be dressed up with the right accessories. They project an effortless and cool style.

Since last year, baggy denim have been coming in an array of designs, from edgy to soft and feminine. It’s important to note that the lovers of mom & boyfriend denim have always been on this wave and now, baggy denim have become a street style staple. 

How To Style Baggy Denim

Celebrities and your favourite content creators have styled the baggy denim in multiple ways that have convinced us it deserves its spot as a top versatile piece you need to add to your wardrobe if you have not already.

From the classic white shirt to double denim to statement ruffle tops, check out these street style looks on the coolest ways to style your baggy denim.

Double Denim

What’s hotter than cargo pants? Denim cargo pants! Phindile Gwala went the double denim way with this pair of cargo denim pants, a classic white shirt and silver shoes. A timeless pairing.

Double denim & baggy denim

If it’s double denim & oversized, it is street style certified. JariataDanita is out for her crown in this outfit and we are ready to give it to her.

Is there a rule that white tops look the best with double denim? Guess there’s a reason why classics will always be classics. Nthambe’s short sleeved denim jacket brings a retro aesthetic to this outfit that just takes us back to those old movies we love.


In another classic look, Dianne Russet opted for an oversized white tee with nude bag & shoes. The all round slouchy look screams comfort.

Derin from isale eko in baggy denim- Marie Claire NigeriaDerin Odugbesan styles her favorite distressed denim with a cute cropped shirt. It’s casual and totally chic.

How do you get a dressed up look from the classic oversized white tee? Be like Zai’ and twist into a crop perfectly to get a v-neck illusion! Worn on your baggy denim, you have the easiest outfit formula for your weekend ‘fits.


At the Paris Fashion Week, Nisha Johny took her baggy denim for a street style look featuring a khaki jacket and white flats. P.S, how cute is her dog?!

Casual & baggy denim- Marie Claire Nigeria

Character tees on denim look is one you can never go wrong with either skinny or baggy. Ramona gives us an edgy look with her accessories.

Another denim cargo pants look that just makes us want to add them to cart. This comfy look on Cassandra definitely gets the job done.

Shirt Dress

Nobu in baggy denim- Marie Claire Nigeria

Definitely not feeling blue with this cool ensemble from Nobu. She pairs her denim with a deconstructed striped shirt dress and white shoes for a sleek look.

In more oversize takes, Toyin takes on her street style with a cool khaki shirt dress and leather fanny pack. The ginger highlights in her hair add a chic element to the entire look. She looks so comfy, we’re jealous.

Awedbymoni in baggy denim- Marie Claire Nigeria

This look is calling us for weekend brunch and we are tempted to answer. Monica gives a sweet twist to the classic white on denim pairing with this shirt dress on her cream denim pants.

Hi Barbie!

Finance fashion girl, Twoids, channels Barbie in this pink ensemble paired with her distressed denim. Too cute!

Hint Of Glamour in baggy denim- Marie Claire Nigeria

Another pink take, Alicia styles her denim with oversized blazer and shoes to match the plaid cuff detail of her pants. We love a good oversized fit.

Stella Jadorefashion in baggy denim- Marie Claire Nigeria

Stella clearly likes drama only in her clothes and this statement blouse is an exciting take on the baggy denim look. Love the color and entire fit of the outfit.

Bonus Look

Signed Blake in baggy denim- Marie Claire Nigeria

At Essence Fest, Blake was rightly in her bag with this double denim street style outfit. There are so many layers to the detailing on her denim pants, this might just be our favorite street style look of the first half of 2023. Also love how the durag ties the entire look together. The girls are definitely taking over Essence Fest and we are here for all the looks!



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