7 Things CNN African Voices revealed about Veekee James

Step into the vibrant world of African fashion, where creativity knows no bounds and dreams take flight. At the heart of this pulsating industry shines Veekee James—a name synonymous with innovation and resilience. Recently showcased on CNN African Voices, Veekee’s journey is a dazzling narrative of passion and faith, propelled by an unyielding spirit.

Here’s some insight into the life and artistry of Veekee James:

Veekee James via Instagram

1. Raised in Lagos’ Ajegunle

Veekee James spent the first 20 years of her life in Ajegunle, Lagos, a bustling neighbourhood known for its vibrant community and rich cultural diversity. Growing up in this energetic environment profoundly influenced her artistic sensibilities and work ethic. Ajegunle’s spirited atmosphere instilled in her a resilience and creativity that would later define her career.

Veekee James via Instagram

2. A new chapter in Akwa Ibom

Her journey took a pivotal turn when she moved to Akwa Ibom for her education. It was in this new setting that Veekee discovered her passion for fashion design. The cultural shift and fresh perspectives she encountered in Akwa Ibom sparked her creativity and inspired her to pursue fashion as a career.

Veekee James via Instagram

3. Following in her mother’s footsteps

Veekee’s connection to fashion is deeply rooted in her family. Her mother was a talented tailor who ran her business from their living room. Growing up surrounded by fabrics, sewing machines, and the hum of her mother’s work, Veekee developed an early love for fashion. Her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship provided the perfect foundation for her own aspirations.

Veekee James via Instagram

4. The power of friendship and influence

One of the key figures in Veekee’s rise to fame is her friend and influencer, Tomike. Tomike played a crucial role in promoting Veekee’s brand, using her platform to highlight her friend’s talent. This early support was instrumental in bringing attention to Veekee’s work and helping her establish a foothold in the competitive fashion industry.

Veekee James via Instagram

5. A journey of faith

Veekee James is vocal about the role of faith in her success. She credits her achievements to her belief in God, emphasising that her journey is a testament to divine guidance and support. This spiritual foundation has been a source of strength and motivation, guiding her through the challenges and triumphs of her career.

6. Giving back to the community

Veekee James via Instagram

Philanthropy is a core value for Veekee. She is committed to giving back to the less privileged, using her platform and resources to make a difference in her community. Her charitable efforts are a testament to her belief in the power of kindness and the importance of supporting those in need.

7. Educator and mentor

Beyond her work as a designer, Veekee is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of fashion talents. She has hosted two editions of her masterclass for aspiring designers, sharing her knowledge and experience. These classes are designed to empower and inspire, providing valuable insights into the fashion industry and fostering new talent.

Veekee James via Instagram

Veekee James’ journey from the vibrant streets of Ajegunle to the forefront of African fashion is a powerful testament to the impact of creativity and innovation in establishing a unique brand identity. Through her designs, Veekee not only celebrates African culture but also sets new trends, inspiring a generation of aspiring designers. Her story is a vivid reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to one’s craft, the world is ripe with opportunities to turn dreams into reality.


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