We asked AI to reimagine iconic traditional outfits – Here’s what happened!

AI is all the rave now and we understand why, its use cases are just limitless! We’re having some fashion-forward fun and so we asked an AI search engine Bing, to envision futuristic versions of some popular cultural outfits.

Check out these AI outfits for you:

1. Kente Cloth (Ghana)

This looks like something we may see at an award show soon. It’s a glowing gown with luminescent threads, pulsing with LED lights and holographic effects. These smart textiles adapt to light, changing hues throughout the day and night.

2. Dashiki (West Africa)

This outfit is a hybrid of Dune meets Women King. Its AI outfit is inspired by movie costume designers for sure. A full-length dress with augmented reality embroidery. Floating motifs shimmer with digital effects, complemented by built-in climate control technology.

3. Gele (Nigeria)

We need to be careful now or a random Yoruba aunty could wear this to your next Owambe. The head wrap features flexible OLED screens displaying shifting patterns and colours. The sculptural form and floor-length dress feature programmable fibres for dynamic adjustments.

4. Maasai Shuka (East Africa)

Inspired by the art of being timeless, AI reimagines the traditional Shuka with advanced nanotechnology. The fabric changes texture on command, with embedded solar panels providing power for mobile devices. Now this part we can get behind.

5. Boubou (West Africa)

I need this boobou like yesterday, it gives a whole new meaning to glow in the dark. This bioluminescent silk robe glows in low light. Flowing sleeves and a floor-length hem have smart sensors that create cascading light patterns with movement.

6. Kitenge (East Africa)

This dress has bold, interactive prints that react to touch. That means movement with every touch. Colours and patterns shift dynamically with embedded micro-sensors and e-ink technology. AI won with this outfit, sign me up on the waitlist!

7. Aso-oke (Nigeria)

This is an ensemble with metallic threads and programmable LEDs. Digital elements display intricate animations, with a built-in communication device projecting holographic images.

Embrace the fusion of tradition and technology with Afrofuturism-inspired fashion!

Which AI outfit will you wear?


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