What’s in Yemi Alade’s #MCNGlamBox?

In May 2023, Yemi Alade debuted as our first cover star at Marie Claire Nigeria. We couldn’t have chosen a better cover star. Yemi Alade’s storied career as a globally recognised Afropop star and social activist had lent her a wealth of experience that she brought to our cover story, shedding light on her personal journey, the lessons she has learnt from her travels across the continent and the vision she has for African music.

Yemi has come a long way from when she was first discovered on the Peak Talent Hunt show. She has built a respectable career, partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world, and crossing over into Francophone and Lusophone markets in Africa. She has also done this while holding on to a distinctly African aesthetic and singing music that resonates with audiences across the continent. Her journey is even more remarkable when you consider she has never been signed to a major label, and has achieved all of this as an independent artist.

As such, Yemi is revered by everyone she works closely with.Yemi might be a fierce artist, but she is also incredibly funny. She always had a funny quip in response to every question, a kind of word for any one who needs one and an eternally positive disposition.

We also discovered that Yemi doesn’t play with her beauty regimen. Her flawless mocha skin and a glowing complexion has become as much a part of her brand as her glorious Afrocentric hairstyles. Yemi invests in caring for her body inside and out by eating good and investing in a good beauty regimen. We found out more about the beauty ingredients she swears by, her personal guiding principles for fashion and other fashion icons she admires during our #MCNGlamBox unboxing video unboxing products from Kenyan beauty brand Uncover Skin and Nigerian beauty brand Blue Poppy.


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