Collagen, Vitamin C, Omega 3: the holy trinity for healthy skin

Healthy skin

The skin is the largest body organ, performing a variety of functions including protecting us from harmful germs and the environment. Healthy skin regulates our temperature and serving as a barrier between our internal organs and the external environment. Ensuring that this organ is kept in optimal condition is not just necessary for aesthetic beauty but vital for our overall health. 

Keeping our skin supple and strong

Healthy skin gets its firmness and elasticity from a natural protein called collagen. We have an abundance of collagen in the years where our bodies are developing but this plateaus in our 30’s – 40’s and start to decline thereafter, leading to what we term as ‘aging’. Most beauty supplements are formulated to either stimulate the continued production of collagen, to preserve the collagen we already have working in our bodies, or to artificially introduce collagen into our bodies.

As you grow older, your body produces less collagen so adding a supplement to your diet is very important. Collagen deficiency leads to wrinkles, thinning hair & dull skin. Products that have collagen exist in different forms – Powdered & capsule form.

Benefits of collagen

  • Collagen increases the skin’s elasticity.
  • Helps improve uneven skin tone due to the presence of amino acids.
  • Reduces visible wrinkles
  • Soft & supple skin by providing hydration to your skin.
  • Slow down the aging process

The foods that are rich in collagen are eggs, beef, pork, lamb, fish. It is best to also ingest collagen, as just applying collagen topically might not be easily digestible by your skin. Make sure to invest in buying sustainably sourced collagen.

Here are some products to consider

  • Dayne Collagen Gummies With Biotin And Vitamin C – from N8500
  • Earth’s Creation Collagen With Probiotic – from N19,500
  • Divine Health Keto Zone Chocolate Collagen Powder – from N18,000

Not all fats are bad for you

Another A-list vitamin supplement is Fish oil – Omega-3 fatty acid. It has a lot of health benefits such as it improves your heart health, preventing stroke, eye health & prevents joint pain. The beauty benefits is what we’re going to be talking about. Its function in skincare includes helping to cure skin issues like acne & psoriasis.

Benefits of Fish oil

  • Reduces breakouts
  • Provide soothing effect for rough, patchy skin
  • Helps lighten skin complexion overtime.
  • Improves your skin health, e.g., treats eczema
  • Gives skin a glowy effect

The foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid are Cold water fatty fish, Soybean oil, walnuts, chai seed, spinach, and broccoli.

Here are some products to consider:

  • Now Omega-3, Molecularly Distilled Softgels – Over N8000
  • Puritan’S Pride Omega-3 Fish Oil – Over N5000
  • Nature’S Field Omegol – Over N10,000

The super vitamin that you need for healthy skin

If you want to show some serious love for your skin, you need to add vitamin C to your beauty routine. Not only does it promote collagen production, but it also helps protects against sun damage. When using Vitamin C topically, the benefits are immeasurable, especially when combined with other skincare actives. As a strong antioxidant, Vitamin C helps to boost your immunity, helps your white blood cells function more effectively & strengthens your skin’s defence system.

Benefits of Vitamin C supplements

  • Perfect to clear out hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces signs of ageing & wrinkles
  • Protects against free radicals damage
  • Gives glowy skin
  • Defends against skin damage caused by UV rays
  • Encourages collagen production
  • Promotes quick healing

The foods that are rich in this powerhouse vitamin include Orange, pepper, spinach, and strawberries.

The health benefits are also substantial, for example, it lowers blood pressure, reduces heart diseases and reduces the risk of iron deficiency.

Here are some products to consider:

  • Acorbic Super Vitamin Supplement C – From N3000
  • Nature’S Field Nature’s Field Vitamin C – From N7000

Taking supplements have numerous benefits but they should not take the place of a balanced diet. Also, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, limit alcohol intake and institute a number of healthy habits.


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