Travel creator Pelumi Nubi gears up for an exhilarating London to Lagos journey

From backpacking around 80 countries to daring to commence a two-month road trip done by a handful of people, Pelumi Nubi is currently writing her name in the world’s record books for daring to dream. Inspired by Nigerian daredevil Kunle Adeyanju’s successful motorcycle road trip from London to Lagos in 2022, Pelumi Nubi has decided to embark on a similar journey, but this time with a car.

The UK-based travel content creator took to Instagram on November 5, 2023, to announce her intent to travel solo by road from London, UK, to Lagos, Nigeria, on January 30, 2024. This announcement instantly created a buzz among travel lovers, creators, and online communities. On X (formerly known as Twitter), people use the hashtag #London2Lagosbyroad to contribute to and show their support for Pelumi’s exciting adventure

In her announcement post, Pelumi expressed her excitement for the journey ahead and said she was even more excited to document her journey from London to Lagos. Although commenters on the post have concerns about her and her vehicle’s safety and reliability, Pelumi remains enthusiastic about the trip and is gaining support from Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

“When asked if I’m afraid, I believe fear is channelling your energy into something outside my control. Every day, I try to focus only on the things within my control. No matter what, I know I will be fine at the core – what will be, will be!”

On a live podcast episode with The Day After TNB, Pelumi Nubi stated that her love for travel has always inspired her to start something new and adventurous. Although this is not with the intention of breaking any record, Pelumi intends to have the best two months on the road.

On this adventure, she intends to travel through 17 countries in two months while exploring locations and seeing sights. From Europe to Africa, she plans to travel through the following countries: France, Spain, Morocco, West Sahara Desert, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and finally, Lagos.

When asked what she’s looking forward to the most on the journey, Pelumi stated that the challenge is what she looks forward to the most.

“I remember when I first made the post, and many people asked if I was sane. I thought to myself, ‘If people don’t call you crazy, are you really living?’”

She also stated her diagnosis of dyslexia as a child and her desire to help people change the narrative through this experience.

“People kept telling me I wasn’t meant to be where I was at the time because of the cultural shift. However, having the audacity to believe in myself and say I’m going to do this crazy thing is so important to me to change the narrative,” she says.

During the podcast, she explained that her expenses mostly come from her savings, which she has been working on for a year. The two-month trip would cost $15,000 to $20,000, covering fuel, feeding, publicity, documentation, and safety. Pelumi Nubi also took to her socials to announce that she is open to working with brands or individuals looking to support her exciting adventure.

Like many Nigerian women, Pelumi is daring to dream and hit her goals right before she turns 30. Like Hilda Baci and Lola Mewu, Pelumi’s tenacity is evidence of the power of the mind. Even though she will not be breaking any Guinness World Record, we’re certain her documentation on YouTube and other socials will have internet communities tuned in. As Pelumi begins this exciting journey, we hope to join in on her amazing adventure and wish her safety and success!


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