Tiwa Savage announces her first feature film, “Water and Garri”

In a captivating blend of music and cinema, Nigeria’s beloved songstress Tiwa Savage is poised to grace the silver screen with her debut feature film, “Water and Garri.”

Scheduled for a grand release in 2024, the film promises a narrative rich in emotion, culture, and the complexities of returning home. Distributed by Prime Video and reaching audiences in 240 countries, “Water and Garri” is not just a film. It is also a testament to Savage’s versatile artistry and a milestone in African cinema.

“This has been over two years in the making and is probably one of the most adventurous, fulfilling things I have done.”

Produced by the renowned Vanessa Amadi and Jimi Adesanya, and directed by Meji Alabi, this film is more than a story—it’s a journey. Tiwa Savage steps into her role both as a lead actor and as the film’s pivotal character, Aisha. Here, she embarks on a voyage of rediscovery and confrontation with a past left behind. This story weaves through the tapestry of family, ambition, and the inevitable conflicts with one’s own history.

Water and Garri via Instagram

What we know about “Water and Garri”

“Water and Garri” is centred on the life of ambitious fashion designer Aisha, played by Tiwa Savage. Following the death of a family member, Aisha, who has spent a decade in the United States, returns home.

At home, things are different from when she left. There is increased strife and tension in the house. As Aisha reconnects with her family, old friends, and ex-love, she is forced to live with her forgotten scars and face her guilt.

“Water and Garri” is not just Tiwa Savage’s story; it’s a narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever faced the challenge of returning home to find everything changed. Shot in the scenic locales of Cape Coast and Ghana, the film promises cinematography that captures both the beauty and the complexities of Aisha’s world.

Alongside a stellar cast including Mike Afolarin, Andrew Bunting, and Jemima Osunde, Savage is set to deliver a performance that transcends her musical persona. This will offer a glimpse into her depth as an artist and a storyteller.

As we eagerly anticipate the release of “Water and Garri,” the journey from the recording studio to the film set marks a significant chapter in Tiwa Savage’s career. This film is not just an addition to her accomplishments; it’s a bold statement in African cinema. The wait may be long. However, the promise of this film holds a story that is sure to captivate, resonate, and redefine the narrative of homecoming and healing.


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