Tia Adeola & Toni Dathe unveil “Q-T” heel inspired by Fela Kuti

Tia Adeola & Toni Dathe Unveil "Q-T" Heel Inspired by Fela Kuti

In a groundbreaking collaboration that transcends borders and celebrates cultural richness, Tia Adeola, the visionary behind the TIA ADEOLA brand, has joined forces with Berlin-based footwear designer Toni Dathe to unveil the highly anticipated “Q-T” heel. This stunning creation, which took two years to create and launch, not only showcases the duo’s design prowess but also pays homage to the legendary Nigerian artist and legend Fela Kuti. Fela was a stylish man, and this design infuses the essence of his artistry into the world of fashion.

Tia Adeola & Toni Dathe Unveil "Q-T" Heel Inspired by Fela Kuti
QT Heel via Tia Adeola

Tia Adeola, a Lagos-born designer raised in London and now based in New York, has been a trailblazer in the fashion industry. Her SS24 Ruffle pant-set was a hit off the runway and has been spotted on musicians Tyla and Lola Brooke. Adeola’s unique approach to fashion, rooted in her art history background and passion for the Renaissance, aims to rewrite history, particularly for people of colour.

Tia Adeola Ruffle pant set
Tia Adeola Ruffle Pant Set on Tyla

The “Q-T” Heel, a collaboration with Toni Dathe, indicates Tia’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Inspired by the late Fela Kuti, the iconic Nigerian artist and pioneer of Afrobeat music, the Q-T heel is environmentally conscious. The design is crafted from innovative materials, including grape leather and leftover grape skins from the winemaking process. 

Tia Adeola & Toni Dathe Unveil "Q-T" Heel Inspired by Fela Kuti
QT Heel via Tia Adeola

This heel features a distinctive T-shaped design, symbolising the collaboration between Tia and Toni, and seamlessly incorporates the brand through 3D design, marrying a pointy toe box with a square-shaped sole. The colourway of the heel, featuring Vinyl, Vegan Grape Leather, Dark Silver, Chocolate Brown, White, and Black, reflects the brand’s core identity. This artistic fusion of design elements makes the Q-T heel a symbol of creativity, sustainability, and cultural homage.

The QT Heel is available for preorder on Tia Adeola’s website.


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