These African women podcasters are reclaiming sex & female intimacy

It is a little intimidating how much misinformation about sex there is on the internet. It is even worse on the Nigerian internet, where anonymity and an obsession with going viral provies incentives for people to sensationalise sex (we are looking at you Jaruuma), or to punish people for being sex positive. Even when people try to have a more nuanced conversation around sex, seek out podcasters or other journalists having these discussions, or try to look for useful detailed information about sex for women, all they end up being overwhelmed with is love potions, the never-ending debate about the transactional nature of sex and ‘kayan mata’ (a bastardisation of the pre-colonial Hausa culture of educating wives, sisters and daughters about sexual health and how to enhance pleasure in for themselves or their partners).

Not everyone is fine with the status quo. A number of women are taking matters into their own hands and redirecting the conversation around sex, intimacy and female pleasure. These female pioneering podcasters are doing it via the newest, hottest mediums, podcasting. We’ve rounded up some of the freshest female led podcasts that are unapologetic about sex and female pleasure.

Adventures From The Bedrooms of African Women

When Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah first started her blog documenting the sex lives of African women, few would have predicted just how big that blog would get. By creating a platform where African women could talk about their sex lives without judgment or discrimination helped to challenge stereotypes around female intimacy, show the diversity of sexualities, sexual desires, kinks and expressions African women have.

Sekiyamah eventually published an anthology of collected stories called the ‘The Sex Lives of African Women’ and together with journalist and writer Malaka Grant, began a podcast to further expand on the ideas that were explored on the blog and the book.

Sex Lives is witty and often has guests come on to hash out topics with the hosts and is already completed its first season, so there is a ton of information to binge on.

Our recommendation: The Yumminess of Kink

Spit Or Swallow Podcast

Hosted by Halima Mason, or ‘Hausachocolate’ as she is known on the internet, Spit Or Swallow approaches sex from an almost anthropological perspectives, documenting different aspects of the sexual experience and investigating our motives for sex and intimacy.

Halima has been pretty consistent for nearly a decade about sex positivity and ensuring that women centered their own pleasure in romantic relationships and sexual experiences. She took it one step further by opening her very first sex toy business, a decision that seemed to trigger a flood of deeply intimate confessions from her customers and others about their desires, challenges and experiences around sex.

Spit Or Swallow is Halima’s way of bringing these conversations out of her DM’s and into the open, and creating a resource of contemporary wisdoms around sex, intimacy and sexuality parsed through her lens and exemplified by the anecdotal experiences of her guests. Currently wrapping up its second season, there is a wealth of experience already waiting to be explored, no matter if you spit or swallow.

Our recommednation: This insightful interview about the sex work industry

The Laid Bare Podcast

There is rarely any African who is active on social media that has not come across one of Oloni’s viral moments. The British Nigerian sex therapist first gained virality on social media for her insightful questions about contemporary dating and sex, that seemed to resonate with Millennial and Gen-z women and trigger Gen-z men. With the insights she got from these viral Twitter conversations, Oloni has spun a best selling self-help book around improving intimacy and her podcast, #LaidBare. that expands on the hot topics around sex and intimacy that she feels might not get a proper exploration on Twitter.

Oloni describes this podcast as for the ‘Sex Positive and Opinionated’ and hosts alongside radio presenter and voice-over artist SoNicky, the conversations are casual and unstructured and focus largely on the personal experiences of the hosts and their guests.

Our recommendation; Ep 109, the pussy power episode.

Erotic Diaries with June Ubi

While this is list is generally about podcasters, this ‘podcast’ gets an honourable mention, because it is actually aired on one of Nigeria’s largest radio stations.

OAP June Ubi has a segment called Erotic Diaries during her overnight evening show where guests are invited to speak anonymously about their deepest darkest sex secrets with no judgment and no commentary. She understands that there is something extremely liberating about giving people an anonymous platform to speak plainly about sex and from the numbers that June says she has seen from her shows, there is definitely an audience for this specific brand of cathartic confessions.

Our recommendation: This fascinating retelling of one spectacular blow job.




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