These head turning perfumes will get you noticed at your next wedding

It’s always wedding season in Nigeria but the pressure gets really high during summer so if you are an Owambe rocker like me, keep reading and let’s learn together. 

Spoiler alert, I am quite clueless when it comes to perfumes. I like what I like and I rarely explore but that is starting to change. Also, every perfume I have ever used has been a gift. But as a reformed perfume essentalist, I am faced with a new dilemma. I am running out of my favourites and need to repurchase them. I also have a couple of weddings lined up in the coming weeks so naturally, I got curious about the best perfumes for wedding guests to add to my collection.

Male perfumes/scents are usually my top picks, however, I have recently been drawn to more feminine fragrances. One of my all time favourites is Scandal By Jean Paul Gaultier. The sweet yet subtly floral and woody notes balance out the male & female fragrance part perfectly for me. I am also a fan of alluring packaging and Scandal has a really pretty interesting bottle.

I spoke to Mowa, @mowasmellsgood and fragrance enthusiast who is my go-to for all things scents. Her reviews and recommendations are always spot on.

“As a wedding guest, I believe you should smell as subtle and sweet as possible. Be easy and on people’s noses.”

I can relate to this because people tend to overdo it when attending events and a wedding where you’ll be in close proximity with so many people is different from some others where you have limited human contact. This is why we need to know what to use in different situations. You certainly don’t want to hug people and have them choke on a whiff of your perfume. Only the bride and groom should be swooning please and that is reserved for the love they’re basking in.

Mowa’s choices are sweet, luscious, soft, calm and beautifully blended fragrances. 

“They are good enough for you to get compliments, you will definitely turn heads and at the same time be pleasant to people around you.”

These are her fragrance recommendations in no particular order 

She picked out her top 10 fragrances for the perfect wedding guest scent.

                        Photo Credit- Fragrantica

Exalte by Funmi Monet: A  perfect sweet rose fragrance. You can never go wrong with her. 

Photo Credit- Sephora

Kayali Dejavu White Flower: This one is a calm, refreshing, elegant white floral fragrance. It smells divine and leaves a lasting impression. 

Best perfumes for wedding guests- Marie Claire Nigeria
Photo Credit- Essenza

Parfums De Marly Delina: If you do not mind answering the question “what perfume are you wearing” all day, then this lovely rose scent is the one for you. It lasts all day. 

Photo Credit- Sephora

Love by Kilian Don’t Be Shy: For that blend of caramel, vanilla, white florals, she’s great, she’s sexy, she’s nice. People love this.

Photo Credit- Agoratopia

Arabian Oud Madawi: It’s like a burst of fruits in a bottle. A fruit punch that is subtle to the nose, leaves a lasting scent trail and projects like a beast. 

Photo Credit- Jumia Nigeria

Givenchy Irresistible: This one is a sweet, woody, fruity rose. Quite elegant and long lasting. 

Photo Credit- Floraiku paris

Floraiku One Umbrella For Two: A scent for the bold and strong. Not everyone would love her but if you do fall in love with this green, woody, floral masterpiece, you would never let her out of your collection. 

Photo Credit- Amazon

CHANEL Gabrielle Essence: This is an all time favourite. One fragrance Mowa has had in her collection for years and says she would always have. It’s a citrusy sweet floral fragrance. It gives the rich, grown, you own the room, boss lady, type of impression. 

Best perfumes for wedding guests- Marie Claire Nigeria
Photo Credit- Fragrance Official

Nishane Ani: A warm spicy vanilla fragrance. What’s not to love about this The Best Perfumes For Wedding Guests This Season flora scent?

Best perfumes for wedding guests- Marie Claire Nigeria
Photo Credit- Penhaligon’s

Penhaligon’s The Favourite: Notes are violet, mimosa, mandarin orange, jasmine. A pleasure to whoever hugs you.

Which of these do you already own or will you be getting soon? Share your best perfumes for wedding guests with us as well.


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