Find your next holiday destination with these four Nigerian travel creators 

Backpacking around the world never used to be an activity you could associate with women. It is still very uncommon and unusual. However, the times are ever-changing, and with the slow but continuous fight for women’s liberation, more women are stepping out of the status quo and into their travel boots to explore the world solo or with friends.

The spirit of adventure knows no gender, and every day, women are rewriting the narrative of exploration and wanderlust by embarking on trips around the globe. These women are constantly inspiring and informing women who are eager to see the world, and more often than not, we live vicariously through the content they post on YouTube, Instagram, and even Twitter.

In celebration of the women documenting their journeys and educating other women on travel, we’ve curated a list of our favourite travel creators and where you can find their exciting content.

Omotoke Alarinka

Omotoke Alarinka on Instagram

Travelling through 10 West African countries by road might sound insane, but with enough passion and determination (like Omotoke), it is certainly possible. Omotoke’s Instagram page includes travel recommendations and details of her exciting journey through Nigeria and West Africa. If you’re looking for African travel destinations but have a tight budget, Omotoke’s Instagram page is where you want to be.

Temitope Hassan

Tope Hassan in Santorini, Greece

As a travel creator, Tope Hassan is passionate about sustainability. She adopts and advocates for sustainable travel methods. Aside from her budding passion for green earth, Tope curates destination eye candy through her Instagram feed. From vibrant colours to crisp details, Tope Hassan is certainly a creator to pay attention to.

Moe Odele

Moe Odele on Instagram

Aside from being one of Nigeria’s model feminist icons and human rights activists, Moe Odele is also a digital nomad telling the story of a Nigerian woman on the road through her Instagram and Twitter pages. Are you seeking advice on how to backpack safely through foreign continents as a black woman? Moe Odele is certainly the one you should follow.

Ipinmi Ferinajo

Ipinmi Ferinajo on Instagram

By exploring Africa and many more countries worldwide, Ipinmi curates travel guides and aesthetically pleasing posts through Instagram and TikTok. From Kenya and Dubai to Ibadan and Ghana, Ipinmi provides detailed information on what to do at your destination, along with the costs for them. She is a creator you want to follow.

Alma Asinobi

Alma Asinobi on twitter

Traveling solo is Alma’s forte, and through her journeys, she documents her journey and provides important information on how to travel solo and do it right. From Mexico to the Maldives, Alma carefully documents her experiences on Instagram and Twitter to perfection.

Regardless of whether you choose to embark on a solo trip around the world or go on vacation to a destination that excites you, these travel creators will have you eager to pick up your bag and just do it. With the quality information they provide and the sweet aesthetic they’ve curated on their respective pages, you surely have nothing to lose. Will you be backpacking soon?


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