Step into the future with Puma and Coperni’s stunning 90SQR sneaker reveal!

Puma and Coperni

Kicking off 2024 with a bang in fashion collaborations, PUMA and Coperni unite to forge the 90SQR, a blend of sports and high-tech styles, marking a new era in footwear innovation. 

Influenced by PUMA’s famous football FUTURE boot and inspired by movement and brutalist architecture, this collaboration takes the shoe into the future. It is a trendsetter in futuristic fashion, setting new standards for wearable futurism.

PUMA & Coperni launch 90SQR Sneaker
Image: PUMA

Coperni founders Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant expressed enthusiasm for this significant collaboration in their design journey. “We are so proud of this collaboration with PUMA. It is a big milestone for a designer to launch their first sneaker,” they said in a press statement. “The 90SQR gathers all our common values: innovation, minimalism, uniqueness. It’s everything we have dreamed of, and we look forward to launching more PUMA x Coperni pieces in the near future.”

The visionary 90SQR is a mix of different things, crafted with care like a high-performance football boot. It’s a perfect blend of sports and stylish design. It is available in three striking colourways – White, Asphalt, and Mad Yellow. Each iteration showcases taped seams over a mesh base, creating a visually arresting interplay of textiles.

Heiko Desens, PUMA’s Global Creative Director, shed light on the design process, emphasising the fusion of performance and high fashion. “From a material standpoint, it’s strictly performance. We stayed very close to the material specifications of performance boots. The square toe is the strongest design feature that takes it out of the athletic world because it’s such a classic shape and it represents a high-fashion shoe.”

The 90SQR sneakers predominantly feature straight lines, a design element that adds an unexpected twist to the usual sneaker aesthetic.

Renowned artist Paul Kooiker captured the essence of the collaboration through a visually stunning campaign. The pictures show graceful movements, contrasting the geometric and structural design of the 90SQR with the natural shapes of the human body. This creates a captivating narrative that goes beyond mere product promotion.

The collaboration, as highlighted by Highsnobiety’s Jake Silbert, represents a pinnacle of luxury-meets-sportswear, where the promise of innovation and excitement is fully realised. Silbert notes, “In 1,000 years, standard-issue football boots will look just like this.”

The PUMA x Coperni 90SQR will be available from January 19, 2024, at Coperni stores, on the website, and in selected retailers starting January 22.


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