“Skinny Girl in Transit” is back with a bang! Here’s the recap and our predictions

After ghosting us for almost four years, our favourite web series, “Skinny Girl in Transit” (SGIT),” has decided to stop moving like our deadbeat ex. “SGIT” is returning to our screens, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Created by Temi Balogun, “Skinny Girl in Transit” follows the life of Tiwalade (Abimbola Craig), a plus-sized woman battling marital pressure and the need to be successful while trying to lose weight. The show started airing in 2015 and soon became a hit, thanks to the show’s strong fanbase. One of our favourite moments was Tiwa’s wedding to Mide. It was such a fresh reminder that “you will love again.”

Tiwa had been through a rough breakup when she met Mide and almost didn’t give him a chance, but look at what happened when she did; she found a man who made her comfortable in her skin. Sometimes, when we end relationships, it seems our love life ends with them, too, but the truth is that the heart is elastic and will make room for more love. 

Another favourite moment is when Tiwa’s mum first heard of Mide and happily asked Tiwa, “Is it Olamide or Olumide?” A simple question that speaks to Ngozi Nwosu’s comic talent. The woman had been praying for Tiwa’s marriage forever. She even had a wine in her fridge she had been keeping for Tiwa’s wedding—such a unique comic character.

Ndani TV, the production company behind the series, took to Twitter to announce this splendid news. The release is scheduled for January 26, 2024, aka TODAY! So, mark your calendars, guys. It’s time for us to start using Mide as our reference for husbands once again.

What we know so far

The original cast members will all return, including Ngozi Nwosu, Bisola, Aiyeola, Sharon Oja, Woli Arole, and Timini Egbuson. We would also see new faces like Tony Umez, former BBN housemate Diana Russet, and Kunle Remi. The series will be aired on the Ndani TV YouTube channel, just like the past years.


In celebration of the seventh instalment of the series, we have given you a mini recap of the last season so you don’t feel too lost when the new season drops. Three years is long, and out of sight can mean out of mind. But don’t worry, we got you. Let’s get into the deets!

Mide and Tiwa

Ndani Tv via YouTube

Mide (Ayoola Ayolola) and Tiwa experience marital bliss and professional success in the sixth season. However, their joy is interrupted by the heartbreaking revelation of Tiwa’s pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage.

The aftermath strains their relations and leads to a turning point in their marriage. It was hard to watch them navigate the loss of their child. This season, Mide also gave us the line that cemented him as our Nigerian Hugh Grant: “Tiwa, please, show me how to love you.” Mide had the girls swooning over him. There is nothing better than a man yearning desperately for a woman. Sign us up! 

Mohammed and Shalewa

Ndani TV via YouTube

Shalewa’s (Sharon Oja) relationship with Mohammed (Timini Egbuson) undergoes ups and downs as he confesses to cheating. The couple eventually breaks up. Mohammed later meets Shalewa, expressing a desire for reconciliation, but complications arise with Shalewa’s involvement with an artist called Kwame.

This one broke us because we were huge fans of the duo. It was easy to fangirl over them because Timini played the role of a romantic lead like his rent was due.


Ndani Tv via YouTube

Didi’s (Bisola Aiyeola) romantic life takes centre stage as she goes on a date with one of Habari FM’s sponsors, Editi. Their relationship starts rocky as she finds him boring, but they eventually find the sweet spot. However, it is short-lived because Didi discovers he is a single father. She breaks up with him, but after listening to one of her guests talk about single parenthood, she reconciles with Editi. Didi meets Editi’s children and falls in love with them. Her story in the sixth season ends with her engagement to Editi. We can’t tell you how thrilled we were. Didi has seen shege in the hands of Lagos men.


skinny girl in transit
Ndani TV via YouTube

Mummy is as bothersome as she has been in the past few seasons. She even falls victim to a scam, which makes the characters, Wosi and Ayo, Aunty Dupe’s adopted son, team up to find the perpetrator. As the season concludes, Mummy becomes an internet sensation due to the posts Ayo uploads of her scolding Wosi. 

Shalewa’s Struggles

skinny girl in transit
Ndani TV via YouTube

Shalewa copes with the aftermath of her breakup with Mohammed, engaging in reckless behaviour and entering a tumultuous relationship with Kwame. Her journey involves forgiveness, opening up about her pain, and ultimately, breaking up with Kwame after he assaults her. She considered staying with him, but we are grateful she dared to leave. Towards the end of the season, Shalewa and Mohammed seem cordial again. We don’t know what the creator is cooking, but we will be there!

Tiwa’s Second Pregnancy

skinny girl in transit
Ndani TV via YouTube

The season follows Tiwa’s second pregnancy, her struggles with grief after a miscarriage, and her decision to share her experience on her show. The storyline progresses with Tiwa and Mide’s efforts to heal their relationship and support each other during challenging times. The season ends with Tiwa’s delivery.

The series also touches on broader issues, such as Mide’s sponsorship challenges and Tiwa’s decision to quit her job to support Mide. As the credits rolled, the sixth season of “Skinny Girl in Transit” left us with a satisfying blend of emotional depth, humour, and the timeless theme of love prevailing over life’s challenges. 

Season 7: Questions and Predictions

Have you seen the new season’s trailer? We have questions, but first of all, let’s do a mini dance because Mohammed and Shalewa are back together. After that look they gave each other towards the end of the last season, makeup was inevitable. It even seems like there is marriage on the horizon for them. But their difference in religion and his tribalistic family still exist. Will they be able to weather the storm? 

A new character on the block wants to threaten Tiwa and Mide’s marriage. Will she prevail? Hopefully, she doesn’t because that marriage means a lot to us. They are like our Nigerian Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.  

We have many questions, like, “Who’s that guy Derin was fighting with?” Is there an “enemies to lovers” trope waiting to happen with them? Will Didi go over the top for her wedding? She might. Scratch that; she will. We can’t wait to see our favourite characters today and get answers to our questions.



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