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In today’s vibrant fitness world, the focus is on adopting a lifestyle that’s all about wellness, belonging, and staying active. Nigerian women are stepping up, embracing their strength through various forms of exercise, be it a pulsating class that gets your heart racing, a serene jog across the beach’s beautiful expanse, or the Lekki Bridge’s iconic stretch. This movement transcends mere physical activity; it’s about nurturing self-confidence and finding joy in the stylish embrace of your activewear.

I might not be the perpetual motion machine tirelessly powering through gym routines, yet I find profound joy in a meaningful workout and the journey towards an active lifestyle. My journey towards fitness has been significantly motivated by the allure of activewear that doesn’t just look good but makes me feel committed to my fitness goals. I’m excited to share with you some of my cherished brands that have become my partners in this journey. Let’s dive into the world of activewear that combines style with substance, gearing up to explore these fashion-forward fitness allies.

Petals Lagos

Vanessa Ochi via Instagram

Petals stands out in the activewear scene, exuding an allure that’s both sexy and assertive. This brand is the brainchild of Vanessa Ochi, who envisioned a line where chic meets practicality in the realm of fitness apparel. In 2021, Vanessa brought her vision to life with the launch of Petals Lagos. A close friend of mine, a fitness enthusiast through and through, can’t stop raving about Petals. “Their fabric is something else,” she tells me, her voice tinged with admiration. “Absolutely top-notch. It feels as strong as it looks.”

I treated myself to their seamless underwear, cleverly doubling it as the ideal undergarment for a sleek, fitted dress. Vanessa’s dedication to superior quality, groundbreaking design, and embracing diversity is vividly reflected in every piece of the collection.

Image via Instagram

One collection from Petals Lagos that I adore is the Jenaiah Neutral Blend High Impact Leggings Set. As someone who leads an active lifestyle, I’m constantly on the go—from morning workouts to running errands and everything in between. These leggings are my go-to choice because they effortlessly transition from the gym to daily activities, keeping me dry and comfortable no matter what the day throws at me. Plus, the chic color options like Brown Hues or Black/Grey are adaptable to various activities and times of day.

Another favourite is the Chloe Crew Neck Ribbed Training Top. This crew neck combines elegance with practicality, making it perfect for sessions where you sweat bucket loads. Yet that sticky-sweaty feeling is hardly felt due to its moisture-wicking properties. The classic crew neckline adds a timeless touch, too.

Mold Me by Molly

Image via Mold Me by Molly

Roughly two years back, I found myself mesmerized by an image on Instagram, so much so that I slid into the DMs of Mold Me by Molly, eager to snag a piece that had caught my eye—probably through a sponsored ad. There’s a certain allure a brand exudes, a magnetic pull that makes you yearn to be enveloped in whatever they’re offering. For me, Mold Me by Molly epitomized that magnetic pull.

Behind this captivating brand is fashion visionary Molly Fajemirokun-Durosinmi-Etti, who is driven by a passion for honouring the natural beauty of women’s bodies. Thus, Mold Me by Molly came into existence, a brand that quickly stole my heart right here in Lagos, Nigeria.

As a devotee of comfort, stumbling upon Mold Me by Molly felt like uncovering a treasure trove of chic, versatile activewear that seamlessly transitions from energetic gym sessions to serene moments of relaxation. Offering an eclectic mix of activewear, athleisure, shapewear, and loungewear, the brand promises to complement every facet of a woman’s dynamic lifestyle, ensuring elegance and ease, whether in motion or at rest.

Image via Mold Me by Molly

A standout piece from Mold Me by Molly that truly speaks to me is the Cloud Crop set from their Loungewear collection. This ensemble is a revolution in versatility, serving as a flawless outfit whether teamed together or mixed and matched for an intense workout session or an effortlessly stylish ensemble for casual jaunts. It masterfully balances sophistication with comfort, proving that you don’t have to compromise on style for ease.



Bunmi George via Instagram

Shreddergang stands as a beacon of empowerment for women navigating the path to wellness. It delivers fitness solutions designed with the modern woman’s bustling lifestyle in mind. From meticulously crafted nutrition plans to groundbreaking accessories like the Elite Waist Trimmer Belt, this brand is dedicated to enhancing women’s wellness journey everywhere.

Drawing from her own transformative experience with weight loss and fitness, Bunmi George is the inspiring mind behind Shreddergang.

The Trimmer Belt transcends ordinary workout accessories; it’s a transformative ally that has turbocharged my fitness journey, propelling me towards my aspirations with greater efficacy. Crafted for amplifying workout intensity and carving out the waist, this belt wraps around with a comforting yet potent compression, dialling up sweat production and calorie incineration during my exercise routines. Since weaving the waist trimmer belt into my regimen, I’ve felt a pronounced enhancement in my workouts—a surge in support, concentration, and the drive to elevate my performance.

Witnessing the remarkable transformation of a friend with Shreddergang, I’ve come to understand that the essence of fitness transcends mere goals—it’s the evolution we embrace along the way. More than just a waist trainer or a dietary guide, Bunmi George’s true masterpiece is the fostering of a community, a sisterhood of women championing each other’s progress and triumphs.


GF Fitness wear

Image via Instagram

I stumbled upon a fitness brand that celebrates women of various sizes: plus size, medium size, and lean size, modelling an ideal for fitness across the spectrum of body shapes. GF Fitness promotes fitness and activewear for curvy women, spearheaded by the dynamic Martina Ojonah. Martina’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond just offering a diverse range of sizes. This ethos is reflected in the brand’s marketing, which showcases dynamic women wearing GFFitness activewear.

One standout collection from GFFitness is the Soma Collection, which features high-waisted leggings with a drawstring waistband for customisable support and comfort. These leggings are designed to flatter diverse body types while providing support for various activities. Additionally, the collection includes sports bras available in sizes ranging from Small to 5XL, ensuring that women of all sizes can find a comfortable and supportive fit.

Image via @gffitness Instagram

GF Fitness continues its commitment to inclusivity from the Didi Collection by offering sleek leggings made from stretchy, quick-dry material. These leggings are designed to flatter diverse body types while providing support and comfort while practising yoga, running, or simply lounging at home.

Overall, GF Fitness’s collections embody Martina Ojonah’s dedication to providing activewear that celebrates the beauty and diversity of African women. With its inclusive sizing, stylish designs, and commitment to quality, GF Fitness empowers women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident and supported in their fitness journeys.

Basics Lagos

Founded by the dynamic duo Lamin Balogun and Wase Aguele in 2021, they aim to redefine the Nigerian activewear scene by offering high-quality, staple clothing that effortlessly blends comfort and style.

Images via Basics

One of my favourite pieces from Basics Lagos is their Embossed Straight Leg Sweatpants. They’re not just your average sweatpants; they symbolise comfort and style. Whether flowing through a yoga session or catching up with friends after the gym, these sweatpants seamlessly transition from workout gear to casual hangout attire, ensuring I always feel my best.

Another staple in my wardrobe is the CoreFlex Pocket Leggings and Scrunch Bra set. On busy days when I’m constantly on the move, this ensemble keeps me comfortable and confident from morning to night. With convenient side slit pockets and a buttery-soft scrunch bra, it’s the perfect blend of performance and style, allowing me to tackle whatever the day throws my way.

Image via Basics

When it’s time to unwind; nothing beats the CoreFlex Bike Shorts and Scrunch Bra set. They are my go-to for lounging at home because they are incredibly comfortable. The high waistline is a flattering look, making me feel effortlessly stylish, even on my relaxed days.

With Basics Lagos, I’ve found activewear that looks good and makes me feel good. It’s more than just clothing—it’s a lifestyle that empowers me to be my best self, both inside and out.

Activewear beyond fitness

As you embark on your fitness journey with brands like Petals Lagos, Mold Me by Molly, GF Fitnesswear, and Basics Lagos, in whatever fitness stage you’re in, keep in mind that fitness is about embracing your full potential, both inside and outside the gym. Each step you take and every workout you complete brings you closer to becoming the best version of yourself.

These brands value the notion of confidence extending beyond the confines of the gym or a yoga session as they cater to shapewear needs, dietary needs, and an on-the-go lifestyle threaded in comfort, even after a workout. The relentless ringer that can be the Nigerian fashion industry, with uphill challenges around transportation and distribution of goods or navigating policies and regulations, is a testament to the resilience and vision of the empowered Nigerian woman. Moreover, the unwavering commitment to looking stylish, with classic styles and shape-flattering, inclusive fits is highly commendable. The best part is that as these ideals conflate, you get to partake with a community of women who foster self-care, reach fitness goals, and overcome obstacles.

Let’s keep the conversation going on our socials. If you are a fitness enthusiast, have shopped for some of these brands or want to share others with us, you can do so on all our social channels @marieclairenigeria.


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