Lola Shoneyin recognized as one of Financial Times’s most influential women of 2023

e Renowned author and publisher Lola Shoneyin has made the Financial Times’ list of the most influential women in 2023. 

Lola Shoneyin joins the ranks of the most thrilling and inspiring women of the century, earning her place as one of 2023’s most influential women. She is, popularly known for her award-winning, controversial, and debate-spurring novel, ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives’, is one of Africa’s biggest literary contributions. Lola, as a writer, poet, and publisher, proves that African literature has a significant global standing through her work.

Not only is she a writer, publisher, and poet, but Lola Shoneyin also hosts one of Africa’s biggest book festivals, the Ake Arts and Book Festival, where she brings together various distinguished writers from across the continent to speak on the art and business of writing. Lola stands as an undeniable force in her field.

While writing to FT, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie applauded Lola Shoneyin’s commitment to telling the story of African women and their domestic struggles. 

“A labour of love if ever there was one, Lola tirelessly splices present and future, nurturing what it is…” 

In a post acknowledging her being named as one of the most influential women in 2023, Lola said,

 “I’m deeply touched by CNA’s words. I’m also grateful for every opportunity I get to contribute to the development of Africa’s cultural landscape.”

We celebrate Lola Shoneyin’s enduring impact on Nigerian and African literature, contributing significantly to its lasting legacy. 


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