Justice prevails as Femi Olaleye is sentenced to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting his wife’s niece

Ensuring the accountability of those responsible for a crime can be an exceptionally challenging process, but it becomes even more daunting in cases of rape and sexual assault. Tragically, many incidents of such nature involve family members or close relatives, further complicating matters. Regrettably, there are numerous instances where family members actively participate in concealing these crimes and silencing the victims.

This is not the case with Mrs Olaleye’s teenage niece. Mrs. Olaleye, the wife of Mr. Femi Olaleye, ensured that her husband faced the appropriate sentencing for repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting her niece for a year and a few months, spanning from December 2019 to July 2022. During this time, Femi Olaleye forced the teenage girl to watch pornography and assaulted her continuously until her guardian found out and reported the case to the police. The police then arraigned him on two counts of defilement and sexual assault through penetration in November 2022.

Femi Olaleye pleaded his case based on his services as a cancer doctor at the Optical Cancer Care Foundation and based on the fact that he is a first-time offender. His appeal was denied by the judge, who called him a dangerous criminal and said his verdict would demonstrate how strongly the system condemns sexual assault. Justice Rahman Oshodi found Mr. Femi Olaleye guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment for defiling and sexually assaulting his wife’s niece on October 24th.

Speaking out against an abuser often requires immense courage, and we wholeheartedly commend Mrs. Olaleye for her unwavering determination to ensure that the perpetrator of this heinous crime faced justice. Her actions serve as an inspiring example for all individuals who have endured abuse and assault in any form, encouraging them to seek the justice they deserve, irrespective of potential backlash and victim-blaming. Perpetrators of such crimes must not escape accountability and should be held responsible for their actions.


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