I used to be the biggest coffee opp, until I tried iced coffee

Picture this, I had multiple exams in university and was struggling to stay awake while reading. A friend of mine recommended coffee and I told her I had never tried it. Other friends chipped in, preaching the gospel of the great roasted coffee beverage so I went for it. I stayed awake, actually could not sleep till day break and went to write my three papers with so much energy, I was a walking cannonball.

By the time I got back to the hostel, It felt like I was being dragged down under the sea by so many hands. I ended up falling asleep for a little over 12 hours. This girl woke up with a fever, the worst period cramps of her life and a vow to never try the beverage again.

Trying An Iced Coffee For The First Time

Fast forward to 9 years later. We are at the first Marie Claire Nigeria cover shoot and our Editor-in-Chief was heading out to get herself a cup of coffee. I gave her sweet puppy eyes and made her promise to get me something from the coffee shop. However, I forgot to mention that she could get anything except coffee so she showed up with muffins and a cup of iced coffee. Close to tears but with an aversion to waste, I decided to try it and record the moment “just for aesthetics”. Although the stylist and my EIC did warn me that I would love it, I was very much in doubt. Then I took a sip.

I was not expecting the taste because I braced for bitterness but it was actually not bad! The ice definitely helped a lot because I did not immediately crave milk or sugar in it. It is very interesting that I did not mind the slight bitterness still despite my sweet tooth, is it growth, adulthood, or just the caffeine?

Following the level of my satisfaction, which is pretty high, I was hard pressed to find out how other people felt on their first try too.

First Time They Tried Coffee

People thought he was going crazy!

“First time I had coffee was crazy. I was 15 then, and I always saw this black liquid that my boss was always drinking. I bought it one day & mistakenly got two sachets. It tasted bitter and funny but I still finished it.
10 minutes later, my eyes were just wide open and I was hyper active. My heart was beating faster than normal and it felt like I was fighting with myself or developing some super power
About one hour later, I was breathing really fast and had to run around because my chest was beating fast . Everyone thought I was going crazy until I showed them what I drank. I can’t remember what happened after, I think I was given a lot of milk to drink before I came back to normal.

Now, I love it. The best ones are the Ethiopian and Kenyan ones, the aroma just gives you life. It is such a great day starter, just keeps you alert and focused for the day.” – Kene

She had to grow to love it

“My first experience was with the Americano I think and it was (*screams with hand over mouth to muffle it*) goddammit awful. Like the hit of the bitter coffee with barely any sugar or cream literally sent me to an early grave I think. But with time and practice, I have grown to find my spots with it and right now, a cappuccino is my go-to on almost a daily basis.

When I drink coffee, (with cream and sugar please), it’s such a pick me up and positive vibes mood fueller. From the warmth of the mug, to the aroma that comes through as it is broken down by the hot water to the string in of the cream and sugar – if you haven’t tried it with warm liquid milk then you are MISSING A LOT.
I always subconsciously take a minute to let the aroma in before taking the first sip and then it feels like “all is well with the world”

Whooshh!! If it wasn’t 3am, i would be going off to get a cuppa right now, but I will keep it for when my day needs to start.” – Lerato

Coffee is an acquired taste

I find myself relating with the experiences of other coffee late bloomers, especially the part where they admit liking it is an acquired taste. It’s never love at first taste, you have to find what works for you. I tried a Latte some weeks ago and decided it wasn’t for me. Guess that means I’m still on the hunt for my go to (after iced coffee).

If you are in Lagos, Nigeria, here are some coffee shops you can check out:

Coffee & Co

It is a pretty nice spot perfect for breakfast & brunch. Also has a good ambience if you work remotely.

Location –

Landmark Village, plot 3&4 water corporation road, Oniru, Victoria Island.


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Vestar Coffee 

A cozy coffee shop suitable for catching up with friends. Comfortable setting for working as well.


Victoria Island – 26 Ojo Olobun Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Lekki Phase 1 – Upbeat Recreation Centre, 11 Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase One.


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Mai Shayi Coffee 

If your thing is gourmet coffee, then Mai Shayi Coffee Roasters Lagos is the place to check out.

Location – Podium Floor, South Atlantic Petroleum Towers, 1 Adeola Odeku St. Victoria Island.

Top Beans Coffee
Top Beans Coffee also doubles as the perfect co-working space if you are little bougie and experimental with your ambience and your coffee.

Locations – 
Victoria Island

Wings Tower, 17a Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

436 Sanusi Fafunwa, VI

PicknPay, Plot 1292 Akin Adesola street, VI


Duchess H street, Ikeja

Cafe One

Now, Cafe One is part bank, part co-working space and part coffee-shop. It has ridiculous cheap co-working space prices and really good coffee, so what’s not to love.


Lekki = Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase One.

Chevron – 6 Chevron Drive, Opposite UBA Bank, Lekki Penninsula II

Yaba – Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba.


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If you’re a coffee lover, I’d love to hear your coffee stories and recommendations!


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