2024 horoscope: The password of all the zodiac signs

The year 2024 is just around the corner, and Saturn or not, we all need to understand how to handle the new year—what challenges to take on from the start to avoid running out of luck and blaming the stars later. Let’s try to understand where we should begin with the upcoming year.


Venus and Mars will make themselves felt right from the start, exerting some pressure for you to be more attentive to commitments, closer, and dedicated to things to be done. Your challenge at the beginning of the year will be to transform this force, which expects a lot from Aries, into a desire to imagine, to escape from a somewhat uninteresting (boring) routine. Just in time to soar far away.

Keyword: There is always an alternative.


There are moments made to react, to abandon the comfort of a sofa (a place where Taurus loves to indulge) and fully breathe in the good luck promised by the stars. In addition to Jupiter, many planets will help you act, grow, and achieve, so be as active and responsive as ever, setting aside laziness and hesitations, doing everything convincingly and uniquely. Possible? Yes.

Keyword: Seize the star (the good one).


Your Mercury is restarting, helping you better understand every dynamic, every interaction. An excellent opportunity to decide that, at least this time, it is important to give importance to the people close to you and their actions, giving up being the sole protagonists. Because someone has something to tell you, to teach you, so a minor act of humility could be the best option to start well.

Keyword: Okay, I’m listening.


Nothing is important or needed if we can’t share it, if we can’t enjoy it together with those we love. In the first months of the new year, this invitation will be strong: it’s better to learn to share dreams (which you now like thanks to Jupiter) with those who will appreciate them, with those who would like to accompany you on small adventures, or simply be happy about them. Open your mind and heart, sharing.

Keyword: Travelling together.


At this time of year, you always have to deal with the opposition of your Sun, or the need to meet others more and better. All this, in light of a Jupiter that wants to understand if you are truly willing to grow in the name of certain ambitions. Quickly abandon pride and assumptions to truly meet someone, to ask for help and advice. Because it will be worth it.

Keyword: What do you think?


Imagination, creativity, a desire to create. All these invitations seem to be particularly relevant, so a little effort will be required of you. However, it’s essential to be a bit less logical and concrete (sometimes unnecessary) in the name of a time that expects inventions that want you to be willing to believe in new things. Trust Jupiter and its inventions. Be a bit less firm in your convictions.

Keyword: Letting go.


There are moments when we realise we are precious to someone, and this feeling repays us for every effort, for all our endeavours. This will help you win the early-year bet, showing the desire and ability to dedicate yourself more and better to your home, to the people close to you, those of your family. Do it with courage and sweetness, because that’s exactly what stars and hearts expect from you.

Keyword: Give me a kiss.


Say, talk, express. True, your sign does not like useless talk or wasted words at all, but this time is different. You are expected to be much more fluid with words, with stories, so you can involve someone who needs to ignite, to get excited or to dream a little, together with you. Because your mind can do great things.

Keyword: I’ll tell you about a star.


You possess freedom (of action and thought), the ability to aspire to great things in the name of that passion that cannot and must never be extinguished. But sometimes, it’s necessary to start with small things, with less brilliant tasks that still have value, a role. So, in the coming months, remember to do, to take care of things, even in detail and with precision. Then you will understand why.

Keyword: This yes, this no.


A thousand planets will come to live together with you, adding energy and stimuli to the great promise of a recently restarted Jupiter (friend) towards luck. Therefore, do what comes to you most naturally: commit, live, act. But never lose sight of the better side of things, learning to have fun, to appreciate the passion behind every gesture, every fantasy, or invention.

Keyword: Seizing the moment.


There are moments made to reflect, to give weight and flavour to everything we have nearby, to the people with whom we find ourselves interacting more often. This time will be silent, giving you the opportunity to better understand where you are, where you are going, and why. So that you arrive punctually at your appointment with the New Moon, so that you have interesting proposals to deliver to destiny.

Keyword: I would like to understand.


Trust, with both hands, in that Jupiter that has recently given you the desire to be there and to speak, in those stars that make you feel better. Dreams and promises now shine thanks to many planets. What better time to share something that is dear to you? Just do it, without asking yourself what others will think, without fearing judgement because this is the time to be there, to do your part.

Keyword: Have I ever told you that…?

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Italy
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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