Unveiling the zodiac’s most manipulative mastermind

Every zodiac sign has its unique blend of strengths and weaknesses, but let’s talk about the one that’s got a knack for steering situations their way and playing mind games with the best of them. Which sign craves control and has a knack for bending others’ thoughts to fit their agenda?

While we all have our moments of being a bit manipulative, individuals born under this zodiac sign are masters at tugging on heartstrings, demanding loyalty, and if they sense something fishy going on (even without proof), watch out for their vengeful side to emerge.

They’ve got an uncanny knack for reading people and situations, which gives them a bit of an edge in the manipulation game. But here’s the catch: they’re not always as subtle as they think they are, and their attempts at pulling strings can be pretty transparent. They’re smooth talkers, able to spin a convincing tale and make you doubt your own reality, even when they’re not up to anything at all.

So, what’s their ultimate manipulative move? It’s when they mess with your emotions and make you think you’ll lose them from your life. That kind of behaviour? Total manipulation and toxic vibes.

But here’s the twist: they’re not all bad. Despite their manipulative tendencies, they’re also willing to step up, take charge, and show courage when it counts. Why? Because deep down, they want control but also want to protect the people they care about.

So, which zodiac sign takes the crown for being the most manipulative?

It’s Scorpio, hands down! And while you might be surprised to find Libra on the list, they also possess some tricks up their sleeve. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out about the rest.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Greece
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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