These zodiac signs will have a great Christmas

Stars have a fascinating history entwined with Christmas. The Magi from the biblical story are said to have followed a remarkable alignment between Jupiter and Saturn to find the newborn Messiah. Early Christians even built their liturgical calendar around this time due to the symbolic significance of the winter solstice.

In the skies of December, Neptune and Jupiter are on favourable paths. However, we need to be extra attentive due to Mercury’s retrograde, which started on December 13.

As we close the curtain on a somewhat chaotic year, the last weeks seem quite promising. Here’s a fun take on how the holiday season might unfold for four zodiac signs.


Jupiter and Uranus form a triangle in your zodiac, bringing good fortune. The holiday season adds to this with another harmonious triangle involving Mercury in your fifth house of creativity. It’s a joy to see you shining. The past year has been productive and fruitful for you, and you’re likely to enjoy the finale. Pop that champagne and toast to the many successes that will surely come in 2024.


Venus in your first house gives you extra charm during this holiday season. If you’re single, get ready for new acquaintances, reconnections, and some playful flirting. This time, you’ll experience your emotions to the fullest, and it will be easier to talk about them with Mercury in your third house of communication. It’s the perfect time to share your hidden dreams and ideas with people you trust.


With the Sun and Mars lighting up your first house for most of December, you’ll feel particularly impulsive. You’re likely to say “yes” to festive invitations and embrace spontaneous adventures. With Mars giving you the push you need, you’ll feel the excitement of the holiday season more than anyone else this year. With Mercury in your second house of finances, expect an increase or a bonus at work, or even some extra money from loved ones. Close the year feeling financially secure and excited about what’s coming.


This is your season as the Sun soon enters your zodiac. Despite your reputation as an “unemotional sign,” you’ll be more talkative than usual this year. It’s an excellent time to express gratitude to your loved ones and let them know how much you appreciate them. Words will flow more sincerely and easily these days, so take some time to write Christmas cards or journal about your plans for 2024. You’ll feel even better afterward.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Greece
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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