Oral sex is not dirty, it is even more intimate than sex!

In the realm of intimate relationships, oral sex can often feel like a tricky topic to navigate. But perhaps it’s all just a bunch of misunderstandings that have piled up over time! Dr. Xu Lanfang, with her background in healthcare and education, is here to debunk these misconceptions.

The joy of oral pleasure

Behind the act, I see trust and selflessness between partners. Beyond the physical enjoyment, I sense a deep connection and happiness within the relationship.

It might still be a bit of a hush-hush topic. Some of us feel bashful or even recoil at the mere mention of it. But others revel in it, experiencing a sense of bliss that makes their hearts flutter.

While many couples engage in sexual activities, not everyone has ventured into the realm of oral sex, whether giving or receiving. Research shows that it can positively impact the intimacy between partners.

From what I’ve observed, it often occurs between partners who share a reciprocal relationship or have a deep sense of trust, presenting an intriguing phenomenon. It’s a more intimate act than intercourse, requiring effort and trust to happen naturally and joyfully.

Nearly all men enjoy it. Some have even confided in me, saying, “I adore my wife’s lips; they’re more enticing than her lady parts.”

Why do they find it so appealing? It offers visual stimulation, requires less physical effort than intercourse, and still provides the pleasure of sex. It is convenient, pleasurable, and fulfilling. Moreover, the mouth has a suction power superior to the vagina, a sensation only men can experience.

Apart from these reasons, some enjoy it because they feel a sense of conquest when their partners sacrifice for them. Few gestures show submission as profoundly as kneeling on both knees. Of course, this also demonstrates the level of trust between partners. One must trust that their partner won’t treat them like a servant after oral sex, while the other must trust that their partner won’t harm them. There’s a sense of risking it all for love.

Oral sex is an interactive sexual activity for all

Physiologically, it is more conducive to orgasms than intercourse. The softness of the mouth, coupled with the tongue’s flexibility, provides intense stimulation to the penis (especially the corona and base) and testicles. For women, oral sex can excite various parts, from the breasts, thighs, and outer labia to the clitoris, offering equally intense pleasure. Surveys abroad show that women who have experienced oral sex report double the satisfaction in their marriages compared to those who haven’t.

Oral sex isn’t dirty

Some people dislike the smell of their partner’s private parts, while others believe that mouths should be used for eating and not for sex – they find it unsanitary. Some can’t accept their mouths touching semen. These are the most common barriers to oral sex. In reality, everyone’s private parts have a smell, but in healthy individuals, it’s not offensive.

Therefore, it’s essential to maintain good hygiene (refer to the chapter on genital hygiene for people). If you enjoy oral sex but are concerned about your partner’s smell, taking a shower together as foreplay is a polite and fun option.

Some associate oral sex with being dirty, likely because they associate the penis with urination. However, our mouths contain more bacteria than our private parts. Therefore, besides genital hygiene, “safe oral sex” and using mouthwash before oral sex is essential.

Many people enjoy adding condiments like jam to their partner’s genitals to spice things up. Couples who use condoms throughout can experience enhanced intimacy. However, women’s private parts are more susceptible to infection, so I don’t recommend applying various condiments near the vagina. If you truly prefer licking jam, then choose areas like the navel or pubic bone!

Little doctors’ health education nuggets

Safe oral sex happens with a condom on from the moment of erection. 

Semen consists mainly of protein, with a small amount of sperm, fructose, and water. It doesn’t harm the body. The mystery of sexual love between people is infinitely charming.

As long as both parties agree on their sexual preferences, others have no right to define right or wrong. Oral sex is not dirty. By being able to express love orally, you’ve already captured their heart, without having to grab their stomach.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Taiwan
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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